More photos

Okay, I warn you now I’ll be sharing lots of PHOTOS over the next few weeks (then even more once we go overseas) as I’m on a VERY steep learning curve with my DSLR. Yesterday I took the dogs and headed down to the lake to work on aparerature priority photos.




Of course, since I had the dogs with me I managed to get quite a few photos of them as well.




This one is my favourite.


Just when I was getting ready to photograph the ducks the dogs took off into the pond. Poor Bailey had his first proper swim as he was attached to Rosie.


2 thoughts on “More photos

  1. Somehow Libby, I missed several posts….my blogroll always lists my favorites as they are posted, but yours never showed up until today. Anyway, I had a great time going back and reading about the movie theater (we have one like it here in Oklahoma, too), the dog’s birthdays, and your photos! You’re doing a great job with your new camera. My daughter is a creative portrait photographer (her link is on my blog) and she is doing her first doggie photo shoot this weekend. Hopefully she’ll do some Tootie shots for me, too! Have a great trip to England!


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