Thursday adventure walk

It was time for the dogs and I to head out our on Thursday adventure walk. After dropping the girls at school we headed to a different part of Lake Illawarra.


I took the DSLR so it was a bit of a stop and start walk but we were out for about an hour and half.



Many of the homes in the area are ex housing commission – with exceptional views



At the half way mark I let the dogs of their leads for a run and play. Mind you I forgot whether I was supposed to have a high or low shutter speed for movement – I just took both and hoped for the best :-).



Time to head back. It was rather cold and breezy down by the water so I was all bundled up.







It’s such a pretty area as you can see but I know it won’t compare to what we’ll see in the UK. Time to get out of the cold!



  1. Paola says:

    Hi Libby, I was at Berkeley yesterday for a netball competition. Talk about freezing! I imagine today would have been much nicer!

  2. Ninny says:

    Your pictures are very good, Libby! Love the one right above your self portrait. And, are those birds black swans? I’ve never seen any before!


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