A Day in my Life – June ’10

Goodness, surely it can’t be time to do a day in my life again? I woke up around 4.3oam – I seem to be waking early again and then the mind starts going (with only 3 days left till we fly to the UK it’s not suprising I guess). I snuggled in my warm bed for another hour and eventually got up. Bailey accompanied me downstairs – Rosie opted to stay in bed.


I took my cup of tea into the loungeroom to play on my laptop.


Eventually the rest of the house woke up and we all got ready for the day. Amy made herself a “pizza” for breakfast…


Christy had reheated french toast and I had some cruskits (with a cup of tea made for the car).


We set off. I dropped Amy off at school and took Christy to the doctors for her second swine flu vaccination.


I then dropped Christy off at school and headed home. I hung out the washing…


had another tea break then got started with todays cleaning. LOTS of jobs to do today. I wiped down walls and skirting boards in the hallways, cleaned the glass handrail, mopped the entry floorway and cleaned the outside entrance area.


Time for lunch…. a salad with tofu and sweet potato which was leftover from our BBQ yesterday. Yum! But the best part was getting to put my feet up for a while while I ate and watched Sarah’s House.


The dogs also took the opportunity to have a nap… half their luck…


Then it was back to workout. This time a THOROUGH clean of the scrapbook room – no organising today just cleaning.


I still had a bit of time before going to get the girls from school so I bought in the washing (since we’d be home after dark), cleaned the guinea pig cage and did some washing. I made myself another cup of tea which I drank while waiting up at the school. Parking is so crazy I went up 25mins before the bell, and I was lucky enough to score a place close to the gate.


Once I collected the girls we were off to the hairdressers. Amy had a cut and colour, Christy and I just had a trim.



The girls enjoyed the massage chairs.


We were there 2.5 hours!!!!! Christy must have been a bit bored..I found this on my camera… I think she needs new school shoes :-).


Susie did such a great job with Amy’s hair.





And the front… there is purple in there but it’s hard to see in the night lights.


I was VERY glad to get home. I quickly got dinner started and changed into my PJs.  When dinner was ready we all sat down to eat.



Time to get the kitchen tidied up, type up this blog post and chill out in front of the TV. It’s been a long day and tomorrow I have more cleaning to do outside before I get my nails painted in the afternoon :-). It’s good to know that ALL the rooms inside the house have now had a proper detailed clean before our trip.

7 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – June ’10

  1. So nice to come home to a clean house after a long trip! Sounds like a busy day! I bet you will be busy up until you leave! Then you will be busy taking in all the sights!!! Hope your flight is safe and smooth!

  2. You must all be so excited (not to mention busy attending to the last minute stuff that goes with going away). Have a fab time. This trip, whatever happens, will be something the four of you will always remember. What a great opportunity…

  3. Amy’s haircut and colour looks great. She’s such a beautiful girl. 🙂

    I’m assuming that sectioned dinner plate belongs to Christy? Do you mind if I ask from where you got it? My nearly-5 year old is going through a phase where he doesn’t like his food touching on the plate!

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