UK – The journey


We were all packed and ready to go when the car we’d hired to take us to the airport arrived just before 11am. I couldn’t believe it that the driver was from Scotland! We arrived in the airport in good time – around 12.3opm and went to check in for our Singapore Airlines Flight. Mum and Dad arrived while we were there and went to had lunch with them once checked in our bags.


Love this photo of my Dad and Christy – can’t believe the next time we see him will be in Scotland.


All to quickly it was time to head through security, exchange some currency (which as you can see the girls were very excited about),

IMG_0726 IMG_0727

buy some supplies for the trip and then hop on the plane.


The 7.5 hour flight to Singapore was uneventful. We were served dinner – rather early I thought as it was only 4.3opm!


Christy was SOOOO excited to get a power puff activity pack as she is obsessed with the power puff girls and watches them every night.


Kevin enjoyed a Singapore Sling.


I watched a couple of movies and before we knew it we were in Singapore. The airport here is amazing. The nicest I have ever been too.


They even had some activity stations for the kids.


And some very large koi fish.


After stopping for a bite to eat (even though it was after midnight in Australia) and a wonder around we discovered a Butterfly room of all things. As always it was hot in there – then we realized it was open to the fresh air. So midnight in Singapore is still VERY humid.



Finally it was time to board the next plane – this time we were on an A380. We were rather tired by now and I’m pretty sure we were all asleep before we left the ground. I think we all managed around 6 hours sleep which we felt was not too bad. When we woke up I watched The Tooth Fairy – which I really enjoyed. Here’s a photo of Christy and I towards the end of the second 13 hour flight.


Though the trip went very well and both girls were well behaved (probably helped by the fact they didn’t sit next to one another), we were very happy to land in London and get off the plane. Immigration was amazingly smooth and quick and friendly (compared to LAX). We then collected our bags and met our driver, Darren, who drove us to the B&B were we are staying for the next 5 nights.


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  1. Glad all went well on the flight and the girls were well behaved. I will look forward each day to seeing what you are up to.Enjoy London.

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