UK – Day 3 – Tower of London


Finally we were greeted with blue skies and sunshine. Today was just what you’d expect for a British Summer day. We woke early again and played on our computers until it was time to get up, get dressed and go down to breakfast. It’s certainly hard trying to keep everyone (well, the kids) quiet until we’re all awake but hopefully they’ll get the hang of it soon – afterall we’re going to be living in the one room for the next 6 weeks!

This morning I chose to have a fried egg on toast…with tea, of course.


We had a chat with the owner Sabiya this morning and Christy played with her gorgeous little boy, before we set off for South Gate and the tube to London.


As expected on a work day it was somewhat busier than on the weekend but being towards the end of the line we were able to get a seat on the way in. We changed at Kings Cross and went on to Tower Hill (so much easier than yesterdays attempt).


It was just amazing. Kevin and I have been before, back in 1997, but couldn’t really remember much of it. It is awesome. So full of history. It is recommended to allow 3 hours here. We spent 5 and still missed doing the Yeoman tour. We did all 5 audio tours.







I was glad we got there just after opening as it got busier as the day went one – which is why we never got around to the yeoman tour. Once again we had an early lunch.



They even had a cute little section “just for kids”



I actually chose a cheese roll from the kids section …. so I could fit it one of the very cute cupcakes :-). And I loved that the tea was fair trade. I’ve been so impressed with the healthy food and organic choices  in London.


After lunch we continued with the audio tour. Christy bought herself a new favourite toy – which she proceeded to play with all afternoon.


Later went to watch a weapons show. One of the actors was amazed to find a young girl reading this book….


She doesn’t get it from me. I wouldn’t even go into the exhibit on torture and punishment :-).



Lastly we visited the white tower.



Since it was late in the day it was rather busy but we still managed to see all the amour. Christy was most interested in the childrens and horses armour.


Though in typical child fashion she pointed it that this suit of Henry VIII was indeed that of a adult boy :-).


One the way out we were lucky enough to catch one of the guard ceremonies.


and have a photo with one of the yeoman warders.


It was now 3pm and we were tired and suffering with sore feet again but we solidered on and caught the tube to Barbican station and walked to the Museum of London. After dropping our bags off (with a great deal of relief) we went in search of food and a rest for our feet. I was SOOO impressed to find this. And somewhat surprised that both Kevin and myself chose to have this for afternoon tea (instead of cake, which would have been the case a year or two ago). It was delicious and the perfect way to refuel.



We then set of to explore…on our own…without a tour or guide…which we prefer not to do. The girls loved this saxon house and Christy played happily for around 15mins… until she got a splinter.




There was enough of interest to have made the trip worthwhile and quite a lot of interactive stuff for the girls to play with.



At 5.30pm our feet were about to give out on us so we headed back to the tube for the ride home. It was crowded and we didn’t manage to get a seat until right towards the end. Like last night we had dinner in South Gate. Tonight we chose Pizza Express (which is a lot more elegant than it sounds).


Tonight the natives played horses & knights.


Kevin and I chose a pizza with the middle dough part missing and replaced by salad – genius I say – and the perfect amount for Kevin & I to share. Best of all – it was SOOO yummy!


Amy had the kids meal which was dough balls (dipped in garlic butter) and pizza.



Christy chose garlic bread – which wasn’t what she expected but she enjoyed all the same.


We then trudged back to the B&B and collapsed onto our beds. Tomorrows plan is the Science Museum, Harrods and maybe Buckingham Palace.

7 thoughts on “UK – Day 3 – Tower of London

  1. Glad you made it to the Tower of London today. Your photos spark some memories for me but not much unfortunately. I am glad to hear you also don’t remember your last trip to the Tower back in the 90’s. 🙂 Looks like it warmed up for you – I see Christy and Amy without jackets. Hope the warm weather continues.

  2. looks like another great day, something that might help is martins money tips, its a website with loads of offers on, including restaurants like pizza express where you can get 2 4 1, we used them the other day so worth looking at if you have one local, xxx

  3. Libby, I’m loving your food photos (as well as the sightseeing snaps, of course). Very important to someone who always wants to know whenever someone goes somewhere exotic “so what did you EAT?”!

  4. Loving all your holiday photos. I went to the Tower in 1994. Lots to look at and learn – heaps of fun. Enjoy the rest of your holiday – x

  5. Your photos are really great and I love seeing and reading about your trip. You’re going to be there six weeks?!! Wow…that’s a long vacation!


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