Be back soon

Sorry to have disappeared completely. Unfortuanately internet is slow and very expensive so we haven’t used it – till today. We’re on the second last day of the cruise and as soon I get back the UK I will start bombarding you with photos and diary from the last 12 days. The cruise has been fabulous – esp. Russia which we all fell in love with. I’ve missed reading your blogs and hearing from you but all will be back to normal very soon.

5 thoughts on “Be back soon

  1. Looking forward to it, Libby. Glad you’ve enjoyed the cruise. Can’t wait to read all about it.


  2. Enjoy your last couple of days on the cruise. Next up is the motorhome and Scotland?????

  3. Have been checking everyday….I want an update.
    Happy to hear that you have loved Russia……looking forward to another great read.

    My kids miss your kids, there now on holidays as well. Got Amy’s post card today!

    Say hello to everyone for us

    Sean Kay Emerson and Mason

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