Day 7 – Cruising Along


I awoke around 6.30am. When Christy woke we all got dressed and went to breakfast at Windjammers. We sat outside again but it was a bit cooler today. Christy’s watermelon was very juicy so Kevin improved a sleeve for her to wear.


After eating we wrote some postcards and then took the girls to Adventure Ocean (kids club). Kevin and I then went to check out the shops and buy a few bits and pieces. Kevin then bought a cup of coffee and check e-mail. Internet access is very expensive and very slow :-(.

The lobby….


We then went back to our cabin to change for the thermal suite. LOVED this. We spent about an hour reclined on hot beds and enjoying the steam rooms. We’ve bought a pass for the cruise so to enjoy it most days. I hadn’t been feeling the best this morning (with a head cold)  but felt much better after this. We then went back to our room to wait for the kids to return from kids club. So glad they are now old enough to sign themselves in and out. Amy wanted to have lunch at Windjammers but it was a mistake. It was busy and slow (with having to be served). By the time I got Christy’s food sorted I was stressed and feeling unwell again and couldn’t be bothered lining up to get myself some lunch. After everyone else ate we took the girls to the pool. They had been going to use the outdoor slide but it was too cold so they went the Solarium – where they were pleased to find Anna and Alyssa (from dinner).


I managed to get some pizza – one vegetarian and one banana and mango (which was really yummy).


Then it was time for them to get changed again for kids club. Kevin took them back to the cabin while I went to pick us up some teas. Once they left I lay down on the bed to read for a bit, then had around an hours sleep. I hardly ever sleep during the day and usually not very well so I really must have needed it. I felt so much better afterwards and read for another hour before it was time to ready for Formal Night. The girls returned and got ready as well. We took a few photos before heading in to dinner.


Another nice meal – potato curry and coconut layer cake.



Once again we enjoyed Melissa and Osbourne’s company and were amongst the last to leave the dining room.


The girls had all headed off to kids club earlier so Kevin and I headed back to our cabin. Christy came back from kids club just before 9pm and Amy is due back at 10pm.


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