Day 8 – Cruise – Copenhagen, Denmark


I woke up at 5.30am which was really 6.30am.  When I looked out the window I could some island and wind turbines. Shortly afterwards I got up and ready for the day. We had to wake up Christy. Around 7.45am to headed to breakfast. We ate in the dining room today which was much better.

After going on deck to check the weather we decided to pick up an extra jacket for Christy then we went to meet for our walking tour of Copenhagan. I loved the skyline – so different from our modern cities.


Immediateley upon leaving the ship we met with our tour guide for our walking tour. Unfortunately Christy wasn’t feeling the best and we had evil Tween Amy with us today so there was a lot of whinging going on. It is a beautiful city – full of sculptures and locals riding their bikes.





We saw a video screen of the Little Mermaid showing it’s current setting in Shanghai.


We also saw quite a swans and signets.

The highlight would be the royal palaces. We saw the Queens Winter home and that of Princess Mary. We’d been telling Christy the story of the Australian girl who married a Prince and became a Princess – not realizing she was the Princess of Denmark. Royality here live a much more normal life than that in Britain.


This is to be Mary’s Winter home now that it has been renovated.


We had a stop at this lovely old palace for a softdrink.




We saw lots of screaming/running high school graduates.


And some guards…


And I had an experince when trying to go the toilets – and I didn’t have any money to pay! Thankfully another tourist was kind enough to pay for us all to go to the toilet :-).



After the walking tour we hopped on a boat for a tour of the canals. We sat outisde for a bit but when it got a bit too cold moved inside, where both girls promptly fell asleep.




The cruise ended back at the ship so went back onboard, had lunch at Windjammers and took the girls headed to kids club. Unfortuanately I hadn’t been feeling well all day so we just went ashore to look at some shops briefly before I went back to the cabin to relax (read and sleep) and Kevin went back into town to get an adapter so we can charge things up.
Another lovely dinner tonight. So pleased the girls all get along as do us adults.




Still feeling unwell (lightheaded and achy) so it’s an early night for me.

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  1. What an amazing looking place. I’d love to go there one day. And yes, I remember the fun European tradition of having to pay for your toilets 🙂

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