Day 9 – Cruise – Sailing Along

Woke up with a headache at 6.30am, read for a bit and went back to sleep (!!!!), woke again around 8am. Boy, must I have needed some sleep. Still feeling woozy and lightheaded. Around 9am we were all up and had a late breakfast at 9.30 at Windjammers. I just had a bagel and donut. The girls went to kids club, Kevin and I visited the shops then went back to our cabin where I read and slept (yes again). The girls just wanted to hang in the room for a bit so we waited till 1pm then went and had lunch at the Seaview Cafe. Loved this place and we all enjoyed our meal.




The kids went off to kids club again and I was starting to feel better finally. We went to visit the thermal suite, then had a cocktail while relaxing in the spa.


We then collected some tea and went back to the cabin for some more relaxing. As you can tell it’s been hard day. Amy came home early around 40m. I had a shower and got ready for dinner. Amy picked up Christy at 5pm and they also got ready.
Tonight was semi-formal night.