Day 11 – Cruise – Helsinki, Finland


We didn’t wake until 8am this morning (though it was really only 7am as the clocks went forward one hour). We read for a bit until the girls woke around 9am then we headed to Windjammers for breakfast (just as we arrived in Helsinki). You can now serve yourself at Windjammers again so that makes things much easier, and quicker. We enjoyed breakfast sitting on the back deck watching the boat next to us unload cars, trucks and buses. We couldn’t believe how many fitted into it.


Amy left us to go to kids club as she decided she didn’t want to do todays tour.

At 10.45am we met for our tour to Santa’s Summerhouse. We boarded the bus and headed into the countryside. Christy was excited because Anna and Alyssa were also doing the tour. It looks like a lovely city – modern and very green and lots of cyclists again. Our guide told us a lot about the history, the country and it’s people on the way out. Then we were met by an elf – who was too cute and just wonderful with the girls (it was just the three of them on the trip).

It was such a lovely area.




First they had to collect water and carry the tub up to the wood sauna.


Boy, was it smelly (just like a campfire). Don’t think I’d want to sauna in there.

Then it was off to visit Santa. Christy really enjoyed this. Santa told them what he does during his Summer – basically eat and rest, sometimes fishing, and a bit of surfing.





We then enjoyed a snack of tea and a cinnamon roll – which was yummy!


I also posed for a photo with Santa :-).


The girls played games, then it was time for a little woodland walk back to the bus.




We had a drive through the main town on the way back to the ship. Then a bit of shopping – I got a few nice crystal pieces to add to my collection. Christy had fun trying on the fur hats but there is no way I would buy one.

Then it was onboard and a late lunch at Windjammers. Another salad for me today. Christy went off the kids club. Kevin and I got changed and went to the thermal suites.


At 4.30pm we collected the girls and took them for a swim and play on the waterslide.



Then it was time to get ready for dinner – another formal night.


It was a little stressful with my girls tonight – Christy’s eating and Amy’s mood. Hoping so much they behave in Russia and don’t spoil our time there.