Day 14 – Cruise – Tallin, Estonia


Kevin woke me up at 6.30am. Reluctantly I got up, showered and dressed. We then woke the girls up to them ready and headed up to breakfast at Windjammers.  After we’d eaten and I’d had my daily chocolate donut (I’m not a big donut lover normally but these are delicious).


The girls went to kids club and Kevin & I went to meet our tour group. Our bus trip took us to where the big song festival is held every 5 years. There are 30,000 performer and 300,000 spectators – not sure where they all fit.

We drove around for a bit.


We then headed to the old town – exploring the Upper town and 2 more churches – including the 2nd oldest church in the world.





Then we walked down the hill to the Lower town. This was just gorgeous. Lovely old buildings around a big open square.




We had a bit of time to wander around and do some shopping – I bought some handmade cushion covers and a hippo apron for Christy. Earlier in the day I had bought a Matuska doll for myself so I did well today. We then visited a 3rd church for a short concert of Medieval music. This was much better than we’d expected. The singing had an amazing voice.

Then it was time for lunch, which was wonderful. We ate in a lovely resturaunt which overlooked the square. The table was beautifully set and served and absolutely delicious. We enjoyed people watching while we ate.





IMG_2535 IMG_2539

Even the bathroom here was unique – it was in a converted fireplace.


After a leisurely lunch we boarded the bus and headed back to the ship. The Disney Magic had arrived since this morning and was docked next to us.


We rang kids club to let the girls know we were back on board and then took them for a swim in the Solarium Pool. We had a swim and spa and then enjoyed a slice of pizza.

Then it was time to go back to our room and get ready for dinner. First up I had a very yummy Mushroom Soup. Then Amy announced she didn’t feel well and wanted to go back to the room. After finishing my soup I went back to check on her. While there are room attendent came to make up the girls bed. Once she was settled I headed back to finish my dinner. Unfortunately the tofu wasn’t that good but I ate my veggies. And desert – Banana Cream Pie – more than made up for it.

IMG_2570 IMG_2572
We finished up dinner early tonight and went back to our cabin. Amy had vomitted but was now feeling a bit better. I think an early night (plus an extra hours sleep due to time changes) will be good for all of us. And tomorrow is a sea day so now early start to the day.

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