Day 16 – Cruise – Gothenburg, Sweden


Both Kevin and I had a shocking nights sleep – neither of us got to sleep until well past 12.30am and we were awake again around 6.30am. At 7.30am we got up and dressed and had breakfast in the dining room. Today I decided to have pancakes (I only ate one) and some fresh fruit.


The girls went to kids club and Kevin & I headed off on todays tour to the West Coast. We had planned to do the city tour but a few days ago decided we’d seen enough cities and churches and so changed tours. This was a great tour – but rather rushed (and we’ve no idea why). We drove through some beautiful countryside (even with some light drizzle). We had a couple of stops and a fast walk around one of the fishing villages.








And we even saw a Goldie as we walked around the town. The town was so gorgeous but it was weird walking right by peoples windows (and trying not to look in – mind you I look a photo every other minute :-)). I loved how everyone had either flowers or nautical ornaments on their deep window sills – it was just so cute.



At our last stop (which was 20mins long) we grabbed a cup of tea (coffee for Kevin) and some carrot cake as we were rather hungry and we realized there was no lunch stop until we were back on board around 2.30pm.



We drove back through more lovely countryside.


Once back on board we had lunch at Windjammers.

IMG_2725 IMG_2726

We then collected our laptops and for the first time since leaving Harwich I got online to check e-mail (where we found out Amy has been accepted into the Selective High School for next year), update facebook and my blog. I haven’t missed it too much but I feel like I’ve bee out of touch for a LONG time.

We went back to the room only to discover Kevin’s room card wasn’t working (and mine was in the cabin) so we went to guest services to get a new one, then up to Windjammers for some tea. I updated todays diary.
Then it was back to the room until it was time to get ready for dinner. Tonight the girls at a Pajama Party at kids club and Christy wanted to wear her PJs to dinner.


Of course, then Anna and Alyssa had to get to changed into theirs when they saw her.


Dinner… The cauliflower fritters weren’t vey nice but desert made up for it :-).

IMG_2731 IMG_2735 IMG_2736

We both ended up being awake very late so just before 12am Kevin went up on deck to get some photos of us passing under this bridge.