Day 20 Bath – Stonehenge


We woke around 6am and got ready to depart around 7.15am. We stopped an hour later for fuel and breakfast.


Once we left the main motorway it was a lovely drive to Bath but took a lot longer than expected. I utilized the time to type up yesterdays diary.



We had planned to be in Bath at 9am but we didn’t arrive until 10.30am. Of course when we arrived at the Park and Ride it was only to discover we were too tall to fit under the barrier. And we have no idea why there is a height barrier when it’s outside parking. Luckily we spotted some street parking not far away so left the motorhome and walked back to the park and ride to catch the bus into Bath. It was a short 10 min trip and we were there.
Our priority today was the Roman Baths. It was a little on the busy side but manageable. We took the audio tour but found it a little boring so switched to the kids audio – which was better. It was amazing to think of Romans walking around and using the bath all those years ago.


After the tour Christy was set of drinking the water from the spring fountain. It was surprising okay, but rather warm!
We were all starving by now and headed to the Bath Canteen – the River Cottage Cafe. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot on the menu we felt like eating so we decided to get devonshire teas for lunch! The was grown in England and just lovely. The scones were nice, but yesterdays were better. However, the jam helped compensate. We all left rather full and satisfied and happy to have been to Hugh’s cafe.

IMG_3035 IMG_3036

Christy is out best Goldie spotter and saw this one just after leaving the cafe.


We then went to the do the open top bus tour of Bath. It was such a beautiful day (unlike last time we were here in ’97). The town is lovely – full of beautiful old, Georgian buildings. We the Crescent, Putney Bridge (with it’s cute “little” shops).





We got off to visit the Jane Austen Center but we had to wait nearly 30mins till the next tour so decided not to wait.


Back on the bus we went back to the town center and bought some Cornish Pasties. We then made our way back to the park and ride bus and back to the van. On route we enjoyed our pasties. Boy were they good.



Lovely countryside once again. We had to laugh when we saw these signs warning of tanks crossing.


A quick hour later we arrived at the Stonehenge Touring Park. We checked in (without any problems) and were directed to our site. Such a cute little park. Christy went off to check out the wooden play area and we all enjoyed an ice cream while playing with our computer (great internet access here) for an hour or so.


Then it was time to head back out for the short drive to Stonehenge. Wow, it’s smaller than I remembered :-). The girls, especially Amy, were very excited to be here. We did the audio tour and took photos.



Then went back to the motorhome where we had some dinner. So fun having the van to have dinner in.



We then went back into Stonehenge for our All Access Tour which meant we could walk through and around the stones. This was just awesome and such a wonderful experience. Lots of photos as it was hard to pick my favourites.



Kevin spent a lot of time lying down taking photos.IMG_3158

I was also very happy with the photos I got as it was a magical night with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. We could not have asked for anything more. We all loved this and it was well worth the cost (which wasn’t really that much) and the effort to come back after the day in Bath.




We drove back to the caravan park – enjoying the view as we went.
Home and all settled for the night we played on computers again and enjoyed the strawberries and raspberries we’d bought at Jimmy’s Farm with some clotted cream – yummo! The berries were just divine.
I stayed up far too late trying desperately to get my blog posts up to date. Almost there. It will be good to back blogging as I go.