Day 21 – Warwick Castle


More time blogging this morning. We got the van organised – filled and emptied tanks – and were on the way arod atund 8.30am. We stopped just before 9am for breakfast, which we ate in the van. We still can’t get over the range of foods, esp, healthy foods, available. I got a falafel and hummus wrap – yum!

Then it was back on the road…..until we hit TRAFFIC!!!!! The M40 was closed in one section so we had to get off and use another rode. Unfortunately this meant 3 lanes of traffic stopped and moving at snails pace for about an hour before we could even get off the M40. What a waste of time. We had debated taking the more scenic traffic but decided on the motorway to save time – BIG MISTAKE!!!
We had planned to go to Kennilworth Castle but decided we’d be too rushed trying to fit it in. Finally we arrived at Warwick Castle around 1pm (I think). It was quite the hike from the car park to the castle on a rather HOT day. And the place was packed!!! So many school kids and tour groups. I was rather stressed out when we arrived and we were all hungry.


We found the first place to eat but it was a carvery and I didn’t feel like hot food. I ended ordering a juice (something I never do) and cake. We went to go the toilet but the wait was so long I just could not be bothered. Christy had to though so I waitied outside for her. When I went after lunch (20 mins later) there was no line. Thankfully it was now around 2pm and all the school kids were starting to leave.
We walked through the State Rooms.

Then watched a show on birds of prey. The birds were amazing. So huge and flew down low over our heads.
We then went to the Princess Tower for a little show, Christy enjoyed it.
Next up was an very much appreciated ice-cream and some not so appreciated whinging by the children!
It was still very warm and we wondered down to the river side of the castle. Lots of people were sitting in the shade and being 10mins to 4pm we hoped maybe there trebuche (sp??) was going to be used at 4pm. It was nice and sitting and relaxing – watching the swans (and 4 signets) and ducks. And yes, at 4pm, the trebuche was launched. I never did realize quite how much man power went into loading it. Rather awesome and we were glad we got to see this.
We then went to the Watermill area. Very pretty here and I took lots of photos of both the river and the castle.


Kevin & Christy visited the gaol and we all walked through the Kingmaker exhibit.  It was almost time for Kevin and Amy to do the Dungeons but Amy wasn’t feeling and didn’t feel up to it.


So we left Kevin and I took the girls up the play area. Amy sat for a while and eventually felt well enough to go and join Christy – who played for the whole hour we were there. I sat and relaxed enjoying the late afternoon sun (now that it had cooled down considerably).


At 6pm we met Kevin, who said the Dungeon show was excellent and we could probably all have gone, and left the castle. So what had started out as a stressful visit actually ended rather well. Definitely a great place for kids.

After walking back to the motorhome we drive to tonights accomodation at Harbury Fields Farm. It was only about 10-15mins away and we got checked without any problem.

This is a working farm with an area for van. Very pretty. First up were showers for everyone – and I mean everyone – together in the family shower wet room :-). We all felt much better afterwards. I had put on some washing before my turn in the shower and worked on that while getting dinner organised. We then ate outside – pasta with a vegetable sauce bought at Jimmy’s Farm which was delicious.
I then finished the laundry and the girls and I went for a quick walk around the area. We saw some of the sheep off in the distance and found the chickens (which were right behind our van). It certainly was a lovely place – so quiet and restful.
Amy and I sat outside until quite late – 10pm. Amy then went to bed and I was not too much later.