Day 22 – Chatsworth House

I woke around 6am, got myself a cup of tea and sat outside enjoying the early morning quiet.


I could hear the chooks in their chook house waiting to be let out. Eventually Amy joined me and later we woke up Christy and got ready to set off to the Peak District and Chatsworth House. We planned to have breakfast on the way and go via Kenilworth Castle. Wow – it looks amazing! Will definitely have to come again another day.



We didn’t end up getting breakfast until 10am. We ate in the van before hitting the road again.
We drove through beautiful countryside and I was so excited when I saw Chatsworth come into view. Simply stunning!
First up we did a tour of the home. So much history and an amazing collection of artwork and artifacts.





By the time we finished here it was past 1pm and we were hungry. We bought a quick lunch and ate on the grass.

I bought a pastie but it wasn’t very nice so I had some strawberries and ice cream.


Amy’s ankle was very sore so we parked her in a suitable location and the 3 of us went off to explore the grounds. I’m so glad we made the trip here as it just gorgeous. And I love how the grounds are accessible to everyone. So many families were picnicing in the beautiful surroundings.



Christy had a play on the cascading waterway and made friends with one of the many dogs enjoying the day with their families.


We then went back to collect Amy and visited some of the shops. We decided to skip the tour of the gardens and go back to the motorhome. I wanted to get some more photos so I walked up the road and they picked me up.


We drove to the Farm Shop – which although it is on the estate took about 10mins to get to. And what a shop it was! They had an amazing collection of vegetarian dishes, not to mention fruit, veg, bread, cakes, cheese, etc.
From here we drove to tonights accommodation at Knotlow Farm. After phoning for directions we were a bit shocked to find they charged us an extra 10GBP for the kids. Luckily it’ a very nice location.


Christy promptly crashed a boys party by joining in their games (she was only girl). She then made friends with some campers across the field. One of them is a travel writer who gave us his book to read..
I loved seeing the cows walking in the paddock and also found some chickens. And it was lovely arriving before 5pm. We had some cheese and crackers and relaxed.
Later we had dinner – mushroom pies (we bought at the Farm shop) and salad.
We sat and read outside and tried the local specialty – Bakewell Tart.