Day 23 – York


We had an early start this morning and we were on the road at 7am. Thankfully it was Sunday morning which meant we had little traffic as we drove through Sheffield. I was surprised to find we drove right past Leeds where two of my fav. bloggers live (Hi Heather and Rachel!).It’s a much bigger city than I thought it was.



We stopped a short while later for breakfast. I had Mex-bean wrap from M&S which was very yummy.


We eventually got Stockton Lane, York only to discover it was not the right one and we had to drive to other side of York!!! 30mins later we did arrive at the York Caravan Park. One thing we’ve realized is that postcodes are way more important than street addresses over here.

We dropped off the motorhome and went to catch into York. Unfortunately we had to wait 40mins for it to arrive (being Sunday).


We missed our booked time at Digg but it was quiet so not a problem.




The girls loved it here. They got to dig up artifacts (like the ones really found in York) and our guide told us all about them. It was very interesting and informative. We spent around an hour here and then went to find a pub so we could have what else but Yorkshire Pudding! We found this very cute place which dates from the early 1500s. No foundations so the floors are very wonky.




I ordered the Nut Roast which was so yummy.We were glad we ordered the childs size as it was huge enough!

IMG_3417 IMG_3421

We then headed to the Jorvik Viking Center. This is pretty good (but not the best attraction we’ve been to). We definitely got more out of it having been to DIGG first. A highlight was the girls getting their very own pressed keepsake coin.


IMG_3428 IMG_3429


We then went to track down the open top bus and hopped on to do a tour of the city. Such a great way to see the sights, learn about the city and have a rest at the same time.





I also spotted a Golden!


We hopped off near the Shambles and went off for an explore and do a little shopping.



I got excited when I saw a Disney Store as we don’t have them in Australia any more. Sadly I discovered my girls are almost past the Disney toy age but Christy did buy this set of Club Penguin figurines.


We then caught a taxi back to the van park – after finding out we’d have to wait 50mins for the bus. It was  great decision as it was so much faster and only cost 10 GBP as opposed to 5GBP.


Back on the park we got the motorhome set up and Christy got to work playing with her new figurines. I got started on blogs for the last few days, showered and made friends with a Goldie called Poppy who is staying in the park.


Tonight’s dinner used up things we’d bought that were about to go off. This cous cous salad was delicious. I’ll say it again – they have THE best food in Britain!

I worked on my blogs some more and am about to post today – so I am FINALLY all caught up! Then I’m going to read for a bit before hopefully having a relatively early night. I’m finding I’m just not tired with it being so light so late.

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  1. Love the Goldie photos Jenny brought Kara over this morning and we all went for a walk to the lake. She showed me the route she used to take them,near the loop we took them down the path to the Retirement Village. Off lead they went berserk, jumping through the undergrowth and into the lake they had the best time. Instead of my usual 1/2 hour walk it was over an hour. Three wet and dirty dogs needed a good hose down when we came home

  2. Hi Libby, Day 23 already! You are packing so much into your holiday, I’m exhausted reading about it:) How are you all holding up?

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