Day 24 – Scotland at last


We had a bit of a slower paced morning, which began with Yorkshire tea and butter cookies.


In spite of a forecast of rain we woke up to beautiful blue skies.



We were going to go on a short nature walk but it was rather muddly and wet so decided not to both. We visited to caravan park hoping to buy some fresh bread but it hadn’t been delivered yet.


So Amy and I had a wrap to eat in the van. Kevin & Christy had already eaten. Shortly after Christy fell asleep.


After leaving the Lake District behind we entered the different countryside of Hadrian’s Wall.


Evenutally we arrive at Vindolanda.


I wasn’t really sure what to expect here but it was really fascinating. We were able to talk to real archeologists – there were so many working away on the site. It’s not expected that they’ll be finished with the excavations here for another 200 years!!!



It’s also where they found many old Roman tablets – which are no considered to be Britain’s greatest treasure.


Look closely and you can just see Christy at the top left hand side…


After going through the museum we stopped for morning tea and then headed back to the van. We could have spent more time here but were hoping to arrive in Stirling at 4pm to meet up with my Dad. Next we drove to the Roman Army Museum – which is a joint project. We watched a short film about Hadrian’s wall and saw more artifacts. It was not what I was expecting so I’m glad we went to Vindolanda first.

We drove on to and into Scotland.


Stopping shortly afterwards at the Old Blacksmith in Gretna Green.


First up was some lunch..


We then went through the museum where we learnt all about  why people came here from England to get married.


We couldn’t believe how quickly the landscaped had changed when we drove in Scotland.


and we had a good laugh at the excessive use of traffic cones… some were even touching they were so close.


Just after 4pm we finally made it to Witches Craig Caravan Park where we’ll be staying for the next 3 nights.


I made up a cheese platter (using our Wensleydale cheeses) and we waited for my Dad to arrive. He arrived in Scotland 5 days ago and has been visiting relatives (he was born in Scotland) and doing some sightseeing around Glasgow.


Not too bad a spot to sit and relax is it?


Finally Dad arrived just on 5pm. The girls and I were very excited to see him. But it will be strange not having my Mum as well (she doesn’t like to fly so a 24 hour flight is out of the question). HI MUM!!! WE MISS YOU!


We chatted and caught up with one anothers adventures over the cheese platter. And around 7pm headed out in search of dinner. This turned into a bit of an ordeal but eventually we found a Little Chef. It was way on the other side of Stirling but it was quick and the food was good.



Like last time I had the tomato soup. Kevin joined me tonight.


Another ordeal getting home with road works and getting slightly lost on the back streets. We got the Wallace Monument that we are visiting tomorrow up close.


Eventually we made it back and Amy packed her stuff as she is sharing Poppy’s hotel room tonight. Christy and Kevin headed to bed and I typed up todays post.

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  1. WOW Libby!! this has been an amazing trip!!! I love all the castles and pretty scenery! You definitely get to see more when driving around.

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