UK – Day 25 – Stirling


For the first time on holidays we woke to a wet, rainy and cold day.


We had an easy morning (Christy got a much needed sleep in) and Dad & Amy arrived back just after 8.30am. We had a cup of tea and comtemplated todays plans. We decided with the rain expecting to ease to go do our grocery shop and hope it would ease up. We drove to a nearby Tesco and did shop which included 5-6 dinners – so that will keep us going for a while. We then drove back to the motorhome and unpacked before heading out to the Wallace Monument.


We caught the bus up the hill (much easier than last time when we walked!!! ) to try and avoid the rain…


and arrived just in time to hear a talk all about William Wallace and the battles fought in the area. The guy was great and we enjoyed this, in spite of it being rainy and cold.


We then started to walk up inside the monument. I wasn’t really sure about the enclosed staircase but there light coming through so I made it the first part. This is where Wallace’s sword is (and as far as I got the last time).



Kevin was keen for me to go up further so I gave it go and it was fine because there was light and fresh air coming in. So we all made ALL the way to the top – up over 200 steps. It was well worth the effort as the view was incredible – even on a day like today. But boy was it cold and windy.




We headed back down the staircase – there is really only room for one so passing is very difficult. But going down was a lot easier than going up :-).We then walked back down the hill and went to have lunch at the cafe. We all had toasted sandwiches.


Then we drove over to Stirling Castle.


We arrived just in time to catch a tour that had just started. This was great (once Christy got over her annoyance that we didn’t do an audio tour). The guide was really great – one of the best we’ve had – and it was very informative.





After our tour we explored a little more on our own and headed back to the motorhome around 4pm. We had some afternoon tea and Christy went off to play at the park. Amy made up this awesome platter for us to share.


We spent the rest of afternoon chatting and I got some more washing done (most of it done by Kevin !!). We had dinner about 6.30pm. My prepacked mac ‘n’ cheese was really GOOD! I’d say almost better than what I make at home :-).
Dad & Amy left around 7.30pm and we settled in the for night. It had started to rain steadily again but we were so pleased to have missed the rain this afternoon

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun and seeing so much. Camper vans are great (we did New Zealand in one last year).

    Please tell me you plan to see Grey Friars Bobby (Gary dragged me there all those years ago when I didn’t even know what he was talking about LOL).

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