UK – Day 26 – Stirling


Kevin and I woke up around 6am to lots of mist on the hills. We had a call from Dad at 8am to say that Amy had been vomitting during the night and was still asleep. So we had a lazy morning – playing on the computer and Christy started watching a DVD. Eventually they turned up around 10am but Amy was still sick and promptly fell asleep on our bed. But at least the vomitting had stopped. When the rain stopped for a bit we got out for a walk around the campsite and Christy played at the park.





While Amy was still sleeping Kevin, Christy and I went to the shops to buy an extra suitcase for Kevin to take home. We also picked up some salads for lunch.


Amy was feeling somewhat better on our return but not 100%. Poor thing – she looked a fright :-).


We had some salads for lunch (I forgot to take a photo) and then Poppy and Christy went to the movies to see Shrek in 3D. I used the free time to tidy up the van a bit and wash all our towels. Amy slept a bit more but when she awoke felt well enough to go the Old Town Jail. So when we picked up Poppy & Christy from the movie (which they both really enjoyed) we went straight to the jail and arrived just before last entrance at 4pm.



This also meant we were just in time to take the last tour of the day. This was really great – two actors playing out the various characters who made up the goals past – from the hangman, to the warder to the convict.


Kevin and Christy tried out the exercise yard..


and we got a great view from the top viewing area.




Christy bought some pink handcuffs…


and posed for her mug shot :-).


We left just a few minutes before closing time very glad we’d been able to fit this in.

Tonights dinner was pies and some of the rice salad we had a lunch heated up. My veggie pie was delicious and I’m glad we’ve got more to have another night.


Amy decided to go back with Poppy aswas looking forward to another bath in the hotel (and we’re very glad she was there last night to be sick and not in the van). Later we sampled some IRN BRU (Scotland’s 2nd most popular soft drink). I don’t like soft drinks but this was okay – I thought it tasted like creaming soda.



Christy then showered and we realized the grey water tank was full so we moved the motorhome so we could empty it. Christy watched some more of her show and I typed up todays post.


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