Day 28 – UK – Sickness and scenery


Oh boy, what a night. Kevin and I both had Amy’s vomiting bug. It was horrendous. We were will still feeling very poorly in the morning. My vomiting had stopped but Kevin was still at it. We ended up lazying/sleeping most of the morning. By 11am we were feeling somewhat better – though physically very sore. Luckily we had packed Kevin’s bag yesterday and he headed off to try and do a few things before his flight to London at 6pm.

We headed off to Glencoe. Poppy did great driving the motorhome and we finally entered the highlands.



Just as magnificent as I remembered. Even with the drizzle the place is beautiful. I was still not feeling all that great but the scenery helped to compensate for my misery and I sat with a big grin on my face.

We stopped to take a few photos at Loch Tulla and drove through the Rannoch Moor.

Finally we arrived (in the drizzle) at Glencoe.


And we all decided we could happily live in this house – at least in the Summer :-).


Unfortunately I was feeling pretty bad (though nothing compared to last night). We went to the cafe for the others to have lunch. I continued to sip on my flat lemonade. We then went to the visitors center where the girls found lots of fun games to play and I sat and watched a movie about the Glencoe Massacre.



We left (since we’re coming back tomorrow) and headed to the motorhome park. It was just as I’d hoped and we were given a spot right on the Loch which is just magical.



This has always been my favourite part of Scotland and I’m still in love with it.


Unfortunately being ill I wasn’t able to fully enjoy it today and promptly went to bed to sleep some more. It fined up during the afternoon and Christy was able to spend time at the play park and the girls went for a walk by/in the loch.



I was able to manage a bit of dinner tonight – a slice of bread with cheese and more lemonade. It was a beautiful sunny evening and I was very jealous of everyone out walking. At 8.30pm I went to bed to read and was asleep shortly afterwards, hoping to wake up feeling like myself in the morning.