Day 29 – UK – Glen Coe


Woke up around 7.30am VERY relieved to feel almost back to normal. I even managed to have some hot  tea and breakfast – just a tortilla with some cheese and salad. We got the motorhome all tidied up and re-organised this morning and just before 10am headed back to the Glen Coe Visitors Center for our Landrover Safari Tour.


This was a fantastic trip as we all saw all the main sights around the glen and many of the stories associated with them. It was drizzling on and off but clear enough to enjoy the beauty. It is such a magical place. Every time you turn around you are amazed. I took loads of photos today but have tried to narrow down my selection to share with you.







Sorry…just a few more to go…





The only negative of the tour was that we didn’t have a great view out of the landrover – esp. when trying to look up at the tall munroes. i had planned on us doing a walk here but with being sick yesterday and the weather a bit too wet we decided against it. It will have to go on the list for next time.


The tour lasted for 3 hours until 1.30pm and we were rather hungry upon conclusion so we headed back to the cafe again. This time I ordered (and enjoyed) some broccoli soup.

Just as we finished we heard an announcement that there was to be a special presentation about Highlanders in 10mins. Of course we immediately headed off not really sure what to expect. And it certainly surpassed any expectations we did have. It was very well put together and highly entertaining. They had great pleasure in making fun of us Australians not being able to understand English.



And to cap it off Christy was selected to model the traditional highland dress. She looked so cute.


IMG_4129 IMG_4131

It was such a great little show and we were so pleased we saw it. We then headed back into the visitors center for the girls to play the games again.

We then went out the lookout where it had cleared up quite a bit. I would liked to have gone for a walk but Amy wasn’t up for it.


Instead when we went to the van park Dad & I went for a walk back into Glen Coe town. It was a nice, easy walk with more stunning views (esp. now as it had stopped drizzling).




Back home I prepared a cheese platter which I enjoyed (in amongst doing the laundry).



It was another beautiful evening and I was so happy to be able to enjoy it today. I will be sad to leave tomorrow but I’m sure we’ll seeing plenty more wonderful scenery.

The girls went out exploring in the loch again this evening and then headed for shower while I got dinner ready. We had pizza tonight but not until nearly 8pm. Talk about dinner with a view.



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