Day 30 – UK – The road to Inverness


Unfortunately Christy got struck with the same vomiting virus we’ve all had during the night. Poor little thing. I ended up sharing my bed with her so I could attend her, which meant I didn’t get much sleep. Since she was so ill and the weather was very poor (despite me seeing blue sky at 4.30am) we decided to hang around until 12pm. Christy slept once she stopped vomiting, Poppy did some washing for me (including our bed sheets) and I found out I could get internet access for 3 pounds for 2 hours :-).

We left just before 12pm after waking Christy up and getting her settled on the lounge. Having the motorhome meant she could sleep lying down while in her seat belt. Probably not the safest but it was necessary today.


It was steady rain when we set off. It started clearing within about 10mins and I was able to spot the B&B we stayed at last time – it’s the end one on the left.


We stopped in Fort William for some supplies (poor Christy not only has this virus but she had nits as well!) and a few miles up the road we stopped for lunch. Wish I could have lunch with a view like this every day.



Lunch today was a cheese and onion roll.


We then continued our drive. The weather continued to get better as we drove north. Pop and I wanted to stop at the canals but we couldn’t get close easy parking (as Christy would have to stay in the van).


Loved this gorgeous old bridge.


We had lovely views the whole of todays drive.


Finally we arrived at Loch Ness. I’d forgotten just how big it is.


We had planned to visit the Loch Ness Center – thinking the girls would find it interesting but Christy wasn’t feeling well enough so just Amy and Poppy went.


Poppy wasn’t too impressed but Amy enjoyed it.


Then onto our final destination today – a caravan park on the outskirts of Inverness. The girls immediately spotted the waterslides coming out of the leisure center that is right next to the park.


Amazing Christy felt well enough to want to go – KIDS!!! So after getting organised and remaking the bed I took the girls over for an hour before dinner. On the way we spotted a Goldie. I wonder what people think when I suddenly whip out camera and take a photo (which I try to do discretely :-)).


It was fantastic set up at the pool and the girls had a fabulous time.




Here you can just see them at the bottom of the slide.


We were back at the van by 7pm, just in time to enjoy that BBQ that Poppy had prepared for us.



And what’s this? Hopefully a good omen for the weather tomorrow.


It’s actually now 10pm and we’ve had the most beautiful blue skies this evening – which seems to be a bit normal around here. I’m off to bed to read and get a good nights sleep.



5 thoughts on “Day 30 – UK – The road to Inverness

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your adventures and looking at your photos, especially those in Scotland. I really loved visiting Scotland, and your photos bring back so many great memories. I really want to go back!
    Hope all the sickness is behind you now..

  2. Glad you are back blogging, I was missing my holiday. I really do love going on holiday with you and I enjoy doing th extra research to find out more about some of the places you visit.

  3. Beautiful photos, Libby. Hope you all stay well for the rest of the trip. I am really enjoying all the Goldies too. Can’t believe how many you see.

  4. Hi Libby! Just wanted to let you know that although I haven’t commented at all while you were globetrotting, I have read each and every wonderful post. It’s a fantastic journey you and your family are taking and I would love to be in your shoes. Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of your pictures! And so sorry everyone got sick, glad to know you are all better. BTW, The Hub and I took an Alaska cruise and it was totally the most beautiful area we have ever been to! I would go back in a heartbeat, you will love it! We went at the end of June/first of July and the weather was sunny and pleasant with occasional rain.


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