Day 40 – UK – Bolton Abbey

We woke up to rain again and after getting ready (well not Christy – she stayed in her PJs) we hit the road for a 3 hour drive to Bolton Abbey. The sat nav decided that, once again, we should take the scenic route.


Which was all well and good until we hit a single lane road and came face to face with a truck – who then had to back up to let us pass.


Our adventure over we arrived at todays destination just after 12pm. Lucy, the owner/writer of one of my favourite blogs,  Attic 24, often visits here with her family and I was keen to visit after seeing all her wonderful photos. IMG_5203

The skies were just clearing up as we headed off. First stop – lunch at the Cavendish Pavillion.



I had a kids portion of potato with coleslaw – which was very nice.


I have to say though, I’m rather sick of cafeteria style lunches – trying to order you own food plus get the kids sorted is rather stressful (esp. with Christy who never wants anything proper). We ate outside and then headed off for a 2 hour walk through the woods and along the river.





It was uphill and downhill and we saw lots of puppies, which the girls had to say hello to. We even saw a Golden.


After an hour we crossed the river and headed back.


It was along here that we came across the money tree. Of course, the girls wanted to put some money in.





The walk was tiring but very enjoyable and two hours later we were back at the Cavendish Pavillion for afternoon tea. I had the raspberries and cream I’d spotted at lunchtime with some Yorkshire tea. Delicious. Raspberries here are just the best.


We then walked back to the motorhome and I changed into my more comfortable crocs. Christy stayed behind the rest of us walked to Bolton Abbey for what we thought would be a nice easy walk. However we hadn’t spotted the river and had walk up a steep staircase and down a hill to get to the other side.


But it was worth it. I thought the whole abbey was ruined but part is intact – complete with 14th century roof. We talked to one of the ladies in their and she explained that Henry VIII allowed it to remain so the people of the town had somewhere to worship and only the monastry and other parts was destroyed.



We walked through the ruins and down the river behind.




Amy had wanted to cross over on the stones but got too nervous.


So we walked back to the van and drove back to tonights accomodation. We had passed it earlier today so knew it was back alone the narrow road – but luckily not too far back. This was another lovely park – overlooking the Yorkshire Dales. I loved how you could hear the sleep bleating away when outside the van.



Tonights dinner was pasta with tomato sauce.


The girls went off to play soccer with another family and their boys and Christy came back in tears after falling onto (we think) stinging nettles. Amy had had an encounter on our wood walk earlier today but Christy’s was worse. We put on some cream to help with the sting.


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  1. Hi Libby, checking in to see if you made it home safe and sound…..what an amazing trip you had, I can’t believe how long you were there! Very memorable for sure!!

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