Day 41 – UK – Last day on the road

Once again we would all have liked to sleep in but we had to started with our last leg of the journey. First up it was back over this bridge.


Then most of today involved motorways which made for easy driving for Pop, but it was rather boring for me – I spent quite a bit of time reading blogs since we had internet access. We could not believe how much traffic was on the road.


We stopped at a Marks and Spencer and pick up some lunch which we had in the motorhome once we arrived at Duxford Imperial War Museum. I had the Mexian 3 bean wrap again. YUM!

IMG_5305 IMG_5306

After eating we headed into the musuem – my gosh – it was SOOOO much bigger than we’d expected.


So many planes and so little time. It was really hard to keep the kids moving along – they wanted to look at everything and do ALL the hands on activities.







We spent around 3 hour here and really enjoyed our visit. We know Kevin would have loved it. On the way out we stopped for an ice cream.


and the girls went for a ride…


It was then just a 5 min drive tonights caravan park.


We got set up and then on with the “fun” task of packing the suitcases and cleaning the motorhome (ready to hand it back in the morning).


The girls had fun playing with their new knitting things.


Tonight I made a omelet for Poppy and Amy and I had a superfood salad I’d picked up earlier. Yummo!

IMG_5357 IMG_5358

Hoping to have an early night and good nights sleep. We drove the motorhome off at 8am tomorrow and head to the airport for our LONG flight home.

5 thoughts on “Day 41 – UK – Last day on the road

  1. Oh no, does this mean our holiday is over, can’t be? I’ve really enjoyed your trip Libby, thanks for taking me with you.

  2. Safe journey home, Libby. I can’t believe it’s gone so quickly, you must think the same, although I bet you’re looking forward to your own bed after weeks in the van.

    Your photos every day were just great, you saw some beautiful places. Thank you for letting us ride along with you.

  3. Please tell me you bought some undies with that wrap…because M&S’s are the best and whenever my sister goes to London she brings me some home (undies, not the 3 bean wrap LOL).

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