Resumption of normal eating (and blogging)

HI everyone. Hope you read my travels and saw what yummy foods I was eating on vacation. We tried to have local foods wherever possible and I’m going to do a post soon highlighting my favourites. But in the meantime it’s back to normal eating. While I think I did eat pretty well and chose healthy foods most of the time I have been missing my normal favourites like my salads and, of course, green smoothies.

I woke around 6am after a very goods nights sleep in my own bed. First up was tea and some orange cookies.


This morning I was faced with a pretty empty fridge.


Luckily Kevin had bought some bread (oh, how I missed my Bakers Delight Country Grain) and milk so I was able to have grilled cheese on toast with pineapple (no sliced so had to use crushed!).


I started with the unpacking, chatted with Mum & Dad and had a choc nut bar before heading off to get some groceries. Ah, that looks better.


Back home I got some lazy vegetable soup on the go. Simply open 2 packets of precut veggies, add water and chicken stock.



Boil until cooked. Blend and stir through a small tin of evaporated skim milk. Easy and delicious.

After that I prepared lunch. Pita bread stuffed with mayo, cheese, tomato and sprouts (I missed sprouts!)


A little later this was consumed.


Surprisingly I didn’t think about food again until I got hungry at 4pm. I had some cruskits and spreadable cheese (missed these too) and a bowl of veggie soup.



You’ll notice that over the next few days I’ll be eating all the foods I missed during the last 6 weeks. So it’s not surprising that tonights dinner featured roast vegetables. I cheated and bought a veggie pack (since my organic delivery isn’t until Thurs). So I just cut everything up, except for the pumpkin, and baked with a vegetable snitzel which I shared with Kevin.



It was delicious.


A few hours later I finished the day the same way it started – with tea and some orange biscuits! Much I have loved my holidays it’s nice to have access to my regular food. Oh, and the best news, I actually managed to lose 2-3kg on holidays. I intend to keep it off and work on losing the next 10kg before Christmas!

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