Lack of sleep

Oh dear, I woke up at 2am this morning and wasn’t successful in getting back to sleep. I got up for a while, went back to bed, still couldn’t sleep and eventually gave up at 6.15. So I got dressed and did a red carpet ready workout. Felt good and I was surprised to discover I haven’t lost any upper body strength – not bad with no proper exercise for 6 weeks.

Post workout I had a much longed for green smoothie. Oh, how I have missed them.




I opened the Uniform Shop up at school this morning and while there kept on having to hitch up my jeans. When I got home I decided to try on other jeans (the ones that didn’t fit before my trip) just to see if they were any closer to fitting. And guess what? They fit!!!!! Yay!!!

My mid-morning snack was some cruskits with spreadable cheese and tea.


I spent the morning putting our souveniers away and working on the ironing pile. Then lunch – another yummy salad. This one featured egg and pinenuts. I’m having to use cream dressings as I haven’t made up an hummus yet.


Afternoon snack – a repeat of yesterdays lunch – pita bread with cheese, tomato and spouts. I used to have this for lunch nearly every day when I was at Uni.


Since we didn’t get home from drama until after 6pm I put together an easy dinner of nachos – made with TVP.


I had planned to have a couple of the oatmeal cookies I’d made this afternoon but with my early start to the day I started to fall asleep watching TV at 8pm so headed up to bed. I’m pretty sure I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

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