Serene Sunday


Not a bad view for a leisurely breakfast on a Sunday morning. We joined my Aunt and other family members (including the bride & groom when they surfaced) for breakfast in the hotels dining room. We were the first to arrive and the last to leave so must have really enjoyed ourselves.

I wasn’t that impressed with my first walk around the buffet. After almost 12 days of buffet breakfasts on the cruise I just wasn’t into it. However the sign by the front entrance had me a little more excited.


Eventually I decided to start with tea (can never go wrong with that) and bircher museli – which I have NEVER had before. I still don’t even know what was in in but I quite enjoyed it and ate about half.


Sometime later I decided on a chef made omelet. Mine had 2 eggs cheese and vegetables and was REALLY lovely.


Towards the end of our two hour breakfast I had another cup of tea and a raspberry muffin. This was sooooo yummy and unfortunately the last one left :-(.



After checking out we headed home, stopping to buy so water as I was in desperate need of something to hydrate me.


We decided to stop for lunch at the Nan Tien Temple for a delicious vegetarian lunch.


Though it was rather cold outside (we were sitting in the shade), lunch did not dissapoint. Amy and I shared a chai tea – but I really didn’t like it much. Kevin’s chai latte was much better :-).


I chose the veggie chow for my lunch. So yummy. I’ve never had anything here I haven’t loved.


And I also had one of Kevin’s dumplings.


Mid afternoon included more tea and a couple of oatmeal raisen cookies.

After a lazy day dinner was an easy one of cheese on toast. So simple, yet so yummy.



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