A Day in My Life – August

Was it truly two months ago when we counting down the last few days till our trip? A lot of people asked did our trip go by fast. Thankfully it didn’t and in fact, it seems like we were gone a lot longer than 6 weeks :-). We did so much and saw so much that each day was almost like a weeks holiday.

Woke us this morning around 7am. I’m still finding it hard to get moving in the morning but the days are getting longer now and the sun is rising not long after 6am. Made myself a cup of tea. Funnily enough after all the lovely English teas I’m not enjoying my Daintree the way I used to :-(. I also had a few of the choc chip cookies I made yesterday and played on the computer.


I ended up buying a few classes from Big Picture Scrapbooking.


Around 9am I went up for my shower and to get dressed. When I came downstairs Christy had come home (she spent last night at Nan’s and Amy was at the neighbours) and was playing Wii in her new soccer shin pads! And no, she was no playing soccer today – just practicing wearing them :-).


I made a cheese and pineapple jaffle for Kevin and myself for breakfast.


Then got started on my weekend to-do list. First up I emptied the dishwasher and cleaning the kitchen, then hung out the washing I had started earlier. Then I fed and watered all the animals, including the chooks.


Next up was the ironing. I was good girl and even put it all away when I was done – something I more often than not put off doing.


Kevin is going for the “hubby of the day” award and made me a cup of tea, which he kindly served with some cookies :-).


While having my tea break I started work on a photobook for my Dad’s belated birthday present. I took time to do some training with the dogs and was still working on the book a few hours later when it was time for lunch. An easy one today – reheated cheesy potato chowder.


Just before 2pm Mum and came over and we headed to my friends Partylite (candle) party.


It was nice few hours. I love partylite candles and have used them exclusively for about 8 years. It was also nice to catch up with friends I haven’t seen since before we went away – I’ve been a bit of a hermit since coming home :-).


We were back home around 4.30pm. After I got the girls to clean up the mess they made while I was gone, I made some cocktails which Kevin and I enjoyed in the spa.


I finished off the photobook and sent off the order. Amy was kind enough to make us dinner tonight – corn fritters. She made enough for Nan & Pop as well as she was sleeping at their place tonight.


Kevin and I then settled down to watch some episodes of Becoming Erica – a new to us show that we’re really enjoying.


and yes, the dogs got settled as well :-).


It’s been a lovely start to the weekend – much more like a Sunday than Saturday for us (esp. with Kevin not going into work), which means the weekend will feel like it lasts a while :-).


3 thoughts on “A Day in My Life – August

  1. I love these posts that you do Libby. It really helps to get to know you better to see just what a ‘normal’ sort of day is like for you. Maybe I could try it on my blog one day too 🙂

    Loved seeing your chooks and am so jelous of your Spa. I dream of having one of those at home one day!

    And Party Lite! I still have my candles that I got from a party I went to in Adelaide. If you ever have your own party, I’d love to come 🙂 x

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