Family Fun Day at Luna Park


Since we were already in Sydney for the Organic Expo we decided to use some vochures Amy had recieved for her birthday to visit Luna Park. This was THE theme park when Kevin and I were teenagers. It has been closed down and reopened a number of times, reopening in 2004. But I don’t think I’ve been since I was about 15.

With the car parked at Darling Harbour we decided to get a water taxi (a first for us) over to Luna Park.



As you can see it was a perfect day for a trip on the harbour.



Luna Park is to the left hand (or North) of the Harbour Bridge (which Kevin & I will be climbing in just 2 weeks :-), so it’s in a magic location.



It’s free to walk around but you have to pay to go on the rides. The girls already had tickets but it was $40 each for Kevin and I. I only went on two rides so did NOT get my money’s worth. You can buy single tickets ($10 each). First up was Coney Island which was exactly as I remembered.


Gotta love the funny mirrors :-).


I took a lot more video than photos (to show the rides in action) and put together a video but am having trouble uploading it to YouTube.





Just love this photo of Amy on the wild mouse :-).


Sydney Harbour really is a magical place. We are so lucky to live close-by and even luckier that we don’t have to deal with traffic everyday :-).






5 thoughts on “Family Fun Day at Luna Park

  1. Awwwh your pics of Sydney Harbour brought back so many fond memories! I used to live in an apt opposite the Fish Market in Pyrmont (v smelly!) and walk across Darling Harbour everyday to work. You’ll love the bridge climb – def my highlight of my honeymoon – look out for the bird’s nest and the bats if its a dusk climb. Great to see the Luna Park pics – it was shut when I was there:-(
    Fi x

  2. Oh!!!! it brings back memories!!! Looks like you guys were there on the absolute perfect day!! We never went to Luna but I remember seeing it from boats,looks like a fun day!

  3. Libby, your pictures are gorgeous! The brilliant blue sky against all those colorful costumes and rides. Looks like a fun place to visit!


  4. Looks like you all had fun libby! Loved your harbour photos 🙂

    I still love driving over the bridge and do it maybe once a week now, but it’s still breathtaking.

    You will love the bridge climb. I did it with my mum in 2004. I want to do up the pylons sometime soon so I can take my camera with me! 🙂

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