A new week ….


Thanks to my wonderful blog readers, many of whom sent helpful, caring comments in response to my last post. Many of you suggested getting out for a walk and taking the attitude of “just do it”. So I did. I got myself dressed and out the door before the sun was even over the horizon. I’ve had to stop my walks with the dogs while they were undergoing some training so today was my first normal walk with them – and they were perfectly behaved. Which means I’ll be able to get back to walking them in the morning. I’ve missed our early morning walks. And I’m sure doing them again will help set me up for a happy day.


I was so loving my everyday life before the trip and I did not expect it to be so hard settling back into routine. Hopefully the worst is behind me now. I’m going to work on sticking to my daily routines as well. When I did that the week before last I had a good week. A few of you also suggested I really focus on the positives in my life – and there are so many that it shouldn’t be hard to do :-). Working on more blog posts should help with that too.


Thanks again. I’m feeling much more optimistic and positive today and am sure I’m going to have a fantastic week.


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  1. I know just how you feel, Libby. Sometimes, a quiet morning walk is just the thing to clear the mind so you can look at your life with a fresh perspective. Feeling down is a normal response to many things…change, nutrition, hormonal imbalance. If it doesn’t get better after a week or two, check it out to see if there is something causing it. I’m a Christian and prayer has helped me get through some really dark times, but if you are not a person of faith, try meditation. I wish you luck, sweet friend.


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