Sydney – Part 2 – Harbour Bridge Climb

Kevin and I were up early, and I mean EARLY, as in 3AM to go on our Dawn Harbour Bridge Climb. Not only was it early but it was cold and rainy. Still we got dressed and caught a cab to the Bridge Climb office. I think we were still half asleep – what do you think?


We arrived a bit too early and had to wait until they opened.


Once we got all geared up we headed out with our guide Matt. We were doing the Discovery climb which involved seeing more of the bridge than just the arch. We set off in the dark.

Harbour bridge climb

Harbour bridge climb

And arrived at the top just before the “sunrise”.

Sunrise (??) from the harbour bridge

As you can see it was an awesome sunrise :-). Suprisingly the weather didn’t “dampen” things too much for us and we absolutely loved the whole climb experience. By the time we headed back down it was a lot lighter. This was what we really liked about the dawn climb – we saw the city and bridge in both the night and day.

Harbour bridge climb

Having recently watched Glee we were pleased to see they had a nice day for their climb :-).


While it’s not a cheap thing to do (we had been given vouchers for Christmas from my Mum & Dad) it really was an awesome experience – one I’d encourage everyone to do if given the chance.

After the climb we were tired, damp and hungry so headed to Starbucks for some breakfast.


We then went back to our room where I had another bath and Kevin had a little nap. We checked out around 10.30am and headed home. It was  brief but very enjoyable little getaway.


8 thoughts on “Sydney – Part 2 – Harbour Bridge Climb

  1. This is something on my to do list but Noel has already done it a few years back. He said he would come with me but I don’t think it would be the same when one has done it and the other hasn’t. So glad you had a nice time despite the rain.

  2. Well, Kevin looks sleepy, but you look like you’re ready to get going. I think I would have had to do the entire climb in the dark so I wouldn’t be able to see how high up I was! Heights and spiders, my phobias that haunt me if I come into contact with either! Now Starbucks, that I could do! Glad you had a great time!


  3. Looks like such a fun adventure and what a view!!! I love Sydney….you are so lucky to be so close!!! Glad you guys had some quality time together!!

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