Spring Clean – The fridge

Well, I seem to have a case of spring cleaning fever coming on. Today I tackled the fridge.


I really would love to get  new fridge one day but besides the layout there is nothing really wrong with this one – oh, it is a bit mouldy in hard to reach places and the door handle has turned yellow. But the main problem is that because it is narrow things get lost in the back and are hard to see/find. Same goes for the freezer part. This is the fridge I’ve had my eye on for over 5 years and actually designed the kitchen around :-). One day…

Until then I’ll just have to keep this one more clean and tidy.

Before & after… top shelves

IMG_5948 IMG_5952

Before and after…bottom shelves

IMG_5949 IMG_5953

And the freezer before and after…

IMG_5950 IMG_5972

And I thought you might like to see our cheese drawer .. which is a little empty at the moment 🙂


I’m off now to get some groceries and try to fit them into the fridge….

6 thoughts on “Spring Clean – The fridge

  1. ohh you have two of my favourite cheeses, babybels and vintage cheddar they are so good.

    I love grocery shopping, have fun!

  2. That’s the trouble with side-by-sides. They tend to be too narrow. When we got our new fridge, we got a fridge called a wide-by-side. The refrigerator side is wide at the top, while the freezer side is narrow at the top. Then the bottoms are reversed, but the refrigerator side is still wider than the freezer. I like it a lot. Now you’ve inspired me to do some deep cleaning in my refrigerator!


  3. I was going to do my fridge & pantry this week (oh and freezer LOL) but have run out of time. Hopefully next week.
    Keep up the good work Libby!

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