Last year in single digits


My baby turned 9 today. Can’t believe she’ll be TEN next year. Really – that just can’t be right!

We started off today with the traditional opening of presents in bed. Do you like my wrapping? Material bags and pillowslips for the big boxes. I asked her if she missed unwrapping presents (in paper) but she said no – which is good.


Her main present from us was some Lego City that she had requested.


Amy bought her some Tinkerbell jewellery.


Since her behaviour has not been the best the last few months she missed out on having a party. Instead she had her best friend (from school) over for brunch with the family and a sleepover.


It was a beautiful day so we were able to eat outside. On the menu – pancakes and crossaints with fresh fruit.


Followed by the birthday cake – or cupcakes as the case may be. Amy made and decorated these – didn’t she do a fantastic job?



I’m not sure what I was doing with photo taking today – I really didn’t take many – and I totally forgot to get one of everyone at brunch :-(. Luckily I did think to get one of me and Christy.


And one with her new doll that she got from Nan. You’ll be pleasedĀ  to know the doll does “real” wees and poos….


8 thoughts on “Last year in single digits

  1. That lego city looks like an awesome gift, I loved lego as youngen
    You can tell Amy I am VERY impressed with her cupcakes, what a fab sister

  2. So, Happy Birthday to Christy! Looks like it was a sunny day to play with presents. I’ve been behind in my blog reading and had to read several of your posts to catch up. Love your camera bag! Nice that you can put other necessary items inside, too. I will enjoy reading your blog while you play all summer and I’m in the depths of a cold winter. We’re looking at fall soon, and although I like fall, it’s a two-edged sword. Winter will be after fall and I hate cold weather.


  3. the cupcakes look so cute! Hope she had a great birthday….and I hope 9 is better than 8, 8 is….wow. We’re halfway through it over here!

  4. Happy birthday Christy. Looks like you had a fun day. Alyssa has a ‘real wees and poos’ doll too and she loves it so I ma sure you will too. I think you girls must be twins!

  5. Happy Birthday Christy!! And what a wonderful brunch!
    Ps – LOVE your idea to ‘wrap’ the gifts in pillowcases etc – BRILLIANT!
    ooh and I just saw your new camera bag – I love it!

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