Epic fail

Okay, so I was merrily working along on this scarf…


when I ran out of wool. No problem. I always buy at least 2 balls. I’ll get the other from the wool stash. Oh, no. It’s not there. Must be one the girls used (and got so tangled it had to be thrown out).

Not to worry I’ll duck into Spotlight and get another ball. I had a little left so took my sample with me.


The ONLY one similar didn’t look quite so purple but it’s probably the light or my little sample. I buy the ball and bring it home, all excited to finish my scarf. Yes, I’m sure you know what happened next…


Can we say EPIC FAIL!!!!! Guess I’ll have to wait till next Winter to finish this….. :-(.


5 thoughts on “Epic fail

  1. How disappointing! Love the color of your scarf! Our local hobby store used to have a wide selection of yarns. There were lots of colors and textures and styles. But the past year it’s as if they’ve decreased their buying and there’s nothing much to choose from. That means I have to go to the more expensive yarn specialty shops, which is fine if I’m knitting just for me. But trying to sell a scarf that costs an arm and a leg just to buy the yarn makes it difficult to recoup the investment.


  2. Hey Libby
    I know you are fairly new to knitting ,but do you know about dyelots? There is a number on each label of a ball of wool, it tells the dye lot that it was made with, very handy when you need to match colours, or even get some ordered in.

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