A day in my life – September

Woke up keen to take the dogs on a walk. So keen that even when I saw it was raining I was not discouraged. The dogs and I just put on our coats and headed out. We had the whole path to ourselves with only the local birds enjoying the wet morning. The best part was we actually got a beautiful sunrise – but I didn’t have my camera because of the rain. When we got back I dried everyone off and put our coats outside to dry off. Not sure why it looks so bright in this photo as it was really dark and dreary outside.


I’ve just started making bread at home again so I got a loaf started.


Then it was time for a cup of tea to warm up :-).


After some time on the computer I packed Kevin’s lunch – leftover risotto from last nights dinner.


I also had to feed the “baby”.


After my shower I found Amy making our breakfast.


Cheese omelet today – and boy was it good.


Once the girls were all ready I took them to school as it was still raining. Then came back home for another cup of tea and a bit of computer time before starting on todays chores.

It was very much a kitchen day. I finished off the loaf of bread and got another loaf started. Then I made some cheesy potato chowder and then some oatmeal raisen cookies.


Then to tackle todays main task – cleaning out the pantry.


This took me a couple of hours. I tidy often but this time I took EVERTHING out, one shelf at a time, and gave everything a proper clean.

Around 11am I had another break. This is how the kitchen looked at the time. You can see the soup and cookies on the cooktop and the first loaf of bread in the foreground.


And here’s the two loaves of bread. Both white (I’ve still yet to master a wholegrain loaf), one with seeds.


Back to work and finally the pantry was finished. Lunch today was of course soup and bread. Enjoyed while watching the new Enrique video.


Just I was finishing lunch the Post lady arrived with some parcels. Vegan dog food (which went straight into the garage), our Halloween costumes and some tops I’d ordered from Ezibuy.


I took some food out to the chickens and collected 4 eggs. They were looking rather bedraggled today.


I then headed into the scrapbook room for a spot of scrapbooking. Got a couple more pages of our big trip done. I’m now up to England – Warwick Castle to be exact.


Check out Rosie all curled up on the couch. Definitely a good day for a snooze on the lounge.


Then I found Bailey snoozing on the other lounge.


Then it was time to head out to pick up the girls from school. The rain has not stopped all day. Crazy after the beautiful sunny day we had yesterday.


When I got back from the school run I had some protein chips and cordial.


The girls next door were over playing with my girls. I got dinner made before sitting down with the laptop. Found out the NAPLAN results came out today so asked Christy did she have hers. Yes, she did. We weren’t really sure how smart she was – not thinking she’d be in Amy’s league but not sure where she was. AVERAGE we now know. Which is fine. Her spelling was terrible (which we knew) but we thought her math would been better as she seems to do very well with it at school. She does tend to rush things though so maybe she didn’t take her time and read the questions properly. Who knows!

Crazily enough I had to put the heater on as it was quite cold. Bailey quickly found his favourite spot.


Kevin came home about 5.30pm which was early for him. But he’d FINALLY been to the hairdressers after me nagging him for weeks :-). Played on the computer some more until 6pm when I sent the neighbours home and prepped the veggies for dinner. I LOVE depodding peas – so fun!!! It’s funny EVERY time I shell peas I think of my friend Leanne who used to carry unshelled peas with her and eat them straight from the pod for snack.


Dinner was served – corn quiche and veggies.


I got the kitchen cleaned up. Then it was time to sit and relax. Later we had some ice-cream while watching Grand Designs.


I didn’t get to see the end however as the TV mucked up just as I was taking Christy up to bed. So I just decided to go to bed as well since I was still tired from being up at 3.30am the other morning. I read just a few pages of the latest Janet Evanovich book on my kindle before turning off the lights and going to sleep.

6 thoughts on “A day in my life – September

  1. I love the look of the fresh bread, just last night I was talking about getting a bread maker, my only concern is that I will buy it and then only use it a few times ( kinda like the popcorn maker, smoothie maker, slushie maker….!)

    I have always questioned the accuracy of those naplan tests, I know a lot of teachers who also dont agree with them as well, I would take the results with a grain of salt.

  2. i just love reading about your lovely, busy, full days, libby! thanks for continuing a day in the life. i really miss it on other people’s blogs. what an inspiration!

  3. So fun to read about a day in your life – all that baking looks incredible! Your dogs are so gorgeous!! We had a Golden Retriever who passed away early this year so I know what wonderful dogs they are – the best 🙂

    Oh and you’re not missing out on much, it’s raining in England too :p

  4. I really enjoy your day in your life posts. Would love to see a post on keeping chooks, I would love to get some but don’t know where to start. Keep up the great blog Libby!

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