Winter 2010

I saw this fantastic idea on Natalie’s blog. Some of the other blogs I read do a monthly sum up but I think a seasonal recap is a great idea and a fun way to remember the seasons. Most of this is probably already on the blog but you might learn a thing or two you didn’t know :-).

I travelled to…


Spent 5 fun-filled day in the big city. Walked lots and saw most of the sights. Stayed in a cute B&B.


The Baltics

Our 12 cruise took us to Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Denmark. The highlight would have to be the two days we spent in St. Petersburgh, Russia. But everywhere was just amazing.


The UK

We hired a motorhome and explored England and Scotland for 3.5 weeks – driving from the very bottom (Portsmouth) to the top (John O’Groats). My Dad joined the girls and I in Scotland which made for incredible memories. I fell madly in the love with the North West coast of Scotland and can’t wait to return one day (hopefully sooner rather than later).


I listened to…

The new Enrique Iglesias album, Euphoria

I read….

a few Scottish Historical romances (in preparation for and during our trip). I started using my kindle more and now dislike having a hold a REAL book.


I watched…

quite a few movies on the plane to and from the UK. During the whole 6 weeks we were away I watched NO TV – and loved it :-). In June we watched LOTS of documentaries on Scotland, plus the movies Braveheart and Rob Roy. I don’t think I’ve seen so much blood and dead people in my life :-). Back home we watched the Canadian show Being Erica.


I wore….

my beloved Crocs almost every day. I also wore my new jeans which, most surprisingly, were too big when we got back from the trip (can’t the say the same now though :-)). Most days you would find me wearing my new glass heart necklace that I bought in Sweden. LOVE IT!! And I’ve had so many comments on it. I also wore my new purple wind jacket an awful lot :-).


I scrapped….

hardly anything.  By the end of Winter I was just starting to get back into it again but found it hard after such a long break. I got 1200 photos (out of 5,000) printed from Snapfish of our trip :-).


I planned…

the finishing touches of our big trip. And almost as soon as we returned started making plans for our next trip.

I celebrated….

my birthday, my cousins Wedding, Amy being accepted into the selective high school for next year.


I dreamed of…

living in the UK (need I say more)


Odd and sodds….

The dogs (and us) had some lessons from the naughty dog school.

I went on Amy’s class excursion to Kiama and to a dairy farm.

We went to the organic expo in Sydney followed by Luna Park

Christy sang in the school massed choir

August proved to be difficult month as it took me a lot longer to settle down after the trip than I expected.

We attended the funeral service for our friends father.


6 thoughts on “Winter 2010

  1. What a Winter you’ve had. I’m with you on the living in Uk thing. I’m crazy for all things English at the moment. And all those photos Libby…where do you start?

  2. Cool! So fun to see someone else’s seasonal update too 🙂 It’s going to be hard reading your lovely Summer update in the cold, London winter though! :p

  3. I’d say it was quite the amazing season!! I love the wedding pic btw, so cute! We are so similiar with the travel bug…getting home and then planning the next one!!!

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