Aussie Bloggers Conference

Have you all heard about the Aussie Bloggers Conference to held in Sydney next March. I ummed and ahhed about going but decided that since I love blogging (both writing and reading) I really needed to go and show my support. I’m rather excited about meeting more bloggers (I’ve met 5 in real life so – Annie, Leanne, Kerrie, Tina and Ailsa). Anyone else going or thinking of going? It would be great to meet some more of my “friends”.

3 thoughts on “Aussie Bloggers Conference

  1. Hi Libby, I read about this but don’t think it’s for me. Have you thought about coming along to any of the Sunday training sessions in Sydney with 12WBT? I know it’s a long way for you. Hrm, we should definately meet up sometime soon x

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