My brush with fame


Okay, so I didn’t even know who Michelle Bridges was before Saturday when I signed up for her transformation challenge but I was lucky enough to get to meet her and hear her speak last night. I only found out on Tuesday that she was coming to Wollongong on Wednesday. I wasn’t sure about going until a new internet friend, LanB, who is also doing the challenge, said she’d met with me beforehand. I’m so glad I went. Mish spent quite a bit of time talking to just the two of us (we were half an hour early :-)) as she knew we were doing the 12WBT. Her talk was inspirational and motivational. And the woman is simply stunning in real life.

Last night certainly helped make for the fact I was unable to attend Valerie’s Red Carpet Beauty and Fitness Summit in LA this weekend :-).

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  1. Ninny says:

    What a great way to kick off your 12 week transformation! I agree with Vanessa above…you look good, Libby, and I see you’re wearing your favorite necklace. BTW, I enjoyed your video in a previous post. Love listening to your accent. In the US, Liz and Libby are both nicknames for Elizabeth. Is yours, too? Enjoy your spring, and I’ll do better about my attitude about fall here in Oklahoma.


  2. Margaret says:

    Oooh how fantastic. I will have to ask for your autograph as well as hers now – lol. How cool that you met up with another 12wbt-er before you went it. That is the thing I love most about blogging and challenges like this – all the wonderful people you meet.

    I hope you have a really fantastic, successful week.

    And I love your necklace, it is beautiful.

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