Makin’ Me Happy

Early morning walks where I can enjoy sunrises like this.


Some new desk accessories (from Target) and fresh flowers.


A freshly made bed with the Spring quilt, rather than the heavy Winter one.


My new jug from Whittards…and more fresh flowers.


My best friend Leanne, who managed to find me another ball of wool so I can finish this scarf.


Seeing birds and their babies (red dot just beside the Mum)


Fresh fruits….the organic strawberries have been AMAZING!!!


Making a start on tidying and re-organising the scrapbook room


The fact that it’s school holidays, the forecast is great and I’ll get to spend more time with my two girls. While it won’t compare to the last holidays (when we were in the UK) we have quite a bit planned and will hopefully make some new memories.


2 thoughts on “Makin’ Me Happy

  1. Spring holds such promise! Everything turns light and airy, even our spirits are lifted. I got excited right along with you, LOL. You put on the spring quilt, I put on the winter duvet. You’ve got spring colors, I’m putting out fall ones. Halloween is a big fun holiday here in the states. The colors of Halloween fit right in with our fall, but in Oklahoma, we won’t get cold weather until mid to late November. Enjoy your spring, Libby!


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