School holidays so far….

First things first….the girls have actually been along rather well. Here is Amy showing Christy how to correctly water the garden. This is one of the jobs they can earn tickets for, which they can use to watch TV or use the computer.


We made our Halloween invitations.



Christy has been attending tennis camp the last few mornings. It’s the first time she’s done it and she’d really enjoyed it.



Amy and I had a day out to see the Scorcerer’s Appentice (which we both loved), have lunch and do some shopping. Christy had fun with Nan – swimming and playing schools.



And there have been plenty of girls over to play. Yesterday there were 5 as Amy’s best friend Sarah had slept over. They go out for walks, swim in the pool or spa and do plenty of playing on the computer.


Me… I’ve been doing my normal jobs, trying to tidy the scrapbook room (when it’s not been over-run with kids) and attending to the girls. Also got to catch up with Leanne yesterday when we took Sarah back home.

5 thoughts on “School holidays so far….

  1. Sounds like the holidays are going great for you and your girls. Glad the girls are getting on better as I know this was worrying you. Maybe the trip o/s matured them both a little bit. Love all the pics.

  2. So is school out for a while? Here in the US we call it “summer vacation” and it lasts about 12 weeks. School is back in session right now and will last until the middle of May. We will have two weeks at Christmas and a week in the spring for a break from school. Your photos remind me of why I love our summer so much…the total freedom to do whatever whenever!


  3. Wow Libby, are you having a Halloween party? That sounds fun. I love that you spend so much time with the girls doing stuff, I’m sure they will treasure these times when they are growing up, specially with you scrapping the memories. I wish my mum and I did that. Hope they dont start driving you nuts anytime soon! LOL 😛

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