The ticket system

After mentioning the ticket system yesterday I realized I’d never actually mentioned it on the blog before.  I’m sure I borrowed the idea from somewhere else but I’m not sure where now.


Basically we have a bucket with tickets – cut up cardstock the girls stamped with smiley faces. Christy is purple and Amy is blue.


Whenever they do something nice, say something nice, etc, they are given a ticket. It can be as simple as doing something without being asked or doing something for someone else. They can also earn tickets by doing physical games (like wii), reading, and extra jobs around the house.


The current job list is as follows :

One Ticket (daily jobs)

Sweep kitchen floor
Clean toilet (one toilet, one ticket)
Feed and water all animals (in morning)
Sweep outside front door
Sweep outside back door
Empty laundry basket (placing clothings in each bedroom)
Bring in clothes from clothes line/ fold & sort
Washing up any dishes in sink
Empty dishwasher
Water pot plants and veggie garden (when required)

Two Tickets (weekly jobs)

Clean out car of rubbish/things that don’t belong

Any Time (tickets based on time)
Help prepare a meal or snack


They can then use their tickets to earn extra screen time. During school holidays there is no screen time (TV, computers, etc) between 9am and 5pm – unless they have tickets. One ticket is equal to 10mins TV.


The catch is that they lose tickets for bad behaviour, speaking back, not doing as they are asked, being mean to their sister, etc.  Amy doesn’t lose many tickets but once Christy gets going she tends to lose quite a few in one go.


This system has definitely worked for my girls and I’m glad I found a way to limit screen time and encourage good behaviour at the same time.

6 thoughts on “The ticket system

  1. You gotta find something that works! LOL This looks like a great system. My daughter used a similar system with her three year old. He had to earn tickets by being nice to his baby sister and for minding his mommy. Only then did he get that much desired soccer ball. Good idea, Libby.


  2. Great system Libby. I used to use something similiar when I was teaching. I had raffle tickets that the kids earned for various things throughout the week. At the end of the week all the raffle tickets went into a basket with their names on them and I used to draw 3 out and then they got to have a lucky dip from my lucky dip bucket which basically had things like stickers and pencils etc. The kids cottoned on pretty quickly that more raffle tickets equalled more chances at a prize.

  3. Like your raffle ticket system. I’ve seen it in many classrooms, and can attest it is very useful in getting kids to do things they naturally do not want to do!

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