Christy’s room remodel

We spent part of Friday re-arranging Christy’s bedroom (at her request) and tiding (at my request). We got it finished this morning and we’re very happy with the result.









After…the chest of drawers at the end of her bed is full of lego.


5 thoughts on “Christy’s room remodel

  1. It looks great & very pink! We are (hopefully, if time allows) going to get new desks next week for the girls. Christy’s room looks a good size. Ella moved into the smallest room in the house at her request and it’s hard to fit everything in! But she loves her space, just have to really utilise it all. A trip to Ikea is on the cards! Would love to see Amy’s room too for ideas and inspiration.

  2. Something about rearranging makes everything feel fresh and new again! I love to move furniture around for that very reason. The Hub hates when I do that, but I try to tell him it’s cheaper than going to the store and buying new stuff! Christy’s room looks very nice. Cute room!


  3. Tell me what it is with kids and clothes on the floor? Drives me demented though I am so relieved to see my kids are not the only ones LOL

    Great “after” 🙂

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