More school holiday fun

Playing the latest and greatest in TV games…


Making cupcakes…


Roller skating…


A trip to the beach…


The girls playing in the pool (still too cold for me) and spa.

Picture Spring - 5th October

Baking gifts for my parents wedding annivesary.


And continuing to take photos for Picture Spring.

Picture Spring - 6th Oct

I’ve also been working on a few organising projects and have decorated for Halloween. Will share very soon.

5 thoughts on “More school holiday fun

  1. Hi Libby, Thankyou For the warm welcome back to Blog Land…I know Ive kept up to date with your blog via FB bu I didnt realise how much I’d missed The blogging community untill I started catching up with all their blogs!
    It is Great to be Back! X

  2. Just did a catch up on your Blog and WOW – you guys do a lot of things 🙂 We love Halloween here so can’t wait to see how you decorated. And what beautiful flowers at Bowral. What a lovely day.

    Can i say I LOVE your ticket idea. My two boys are often killing each other and we do have way too much screen time so i think this is something we could install here and have it work really well. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. Holidays have been a total bust around here…Gary & I both at work, Oscar studying (well pretending to LOL) and poor old Byron left to his own devices. On the other hand it looks like lots is going on at your house 🙂

  4. Hi Libby, great photos!! Looks like a fun break…..what part/parts of Russia did you go to? I don’t remember seeing any pictures from Russia.

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