Photo love

Firstly I’d like to share a few photos I’ve taken for my Picture Spring class.

Picture Spring - 8th October

Water droplets

And secondly some of my favourite flickr photos.

My creation



1. Sunset in the San Juans, 2. Stonehaven bay, 3. Blue Butterfly, 4. Fly Agaric, 5. Home and Garden, 6. Knit Grafitti Bike, 7. friday’s flower power, 8. * A K I – N O – S O R A *, 9. Let’s Go Canoeing on Lake Kussharo!!, 10. Hoje (06/10) to indo pra Gramado no Festival, vamos???, 11. A happy heart, 12. Alaskan Range, 13. London Fog Cupcake, 14. P1780588web, 15. Untitled, 16. The Mayor – Chilling out in Alaska!


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