A Day in my Life – October 2010

Another month, another day in my life. I can never believe how quickly this comes around. Too scary!

I woke this morning just before 6am, got out of bed, got dressed and took the dogs out for their morning walk.


It was cloudy today so no magical sunrise but it sure was pretty. I love the quiet of the early mornings.


The dogs are doing so much better on their walks now – no pulling and lunging and barking at other dogs – even when the neighbour dogs walk past.


Back home it was time for my morning cup of tea (and two oatmeal raisen cookies). Which was enjoyed while checking e-mail and blogs on the laptop.


I got in the habit during the holidays of starting the morning in the loungeroom (with my laptop) rather than my main computer (in the kitchen). It’s probably not a real good thing becuase I have my feet up and become much more relaxed and happy to linger :-). Christy  woke up (Amy was up just before me) and she had breakfast in front of the TV (because I wasn’t yet ready for my breakfast). I found Bailey having a nap on the blankets.



Finally I got moving again around 7.30am, showered and got the girls moving. Christy left for school at 8.20am on her scooter.


I did a few jobs like feeding the animals, watering the veggie gardern – which is growing nicely (was excited to see little tiny zuchinnis).


and put on a load of washing,


and had some breakfast.


Then it was time to drive Amy to her AG class. Bailey came for the ride – he just loves the car so much.


After dropping Amy off I went to the car wash – the poor car was in desperate need. I don’t think it’s been washed since before our trip…so some time before June :-(.


I gave it a vacuum and dust as well and it looks loved again. And the view out the window so much clearer.


Next was a quick stop at the shops. I wanted to pick up an orange top (I got a white one the other day and it fits and looks good so thought I’d best get the orange one too :-)). I also got myself an iced chocolate since I had to walk right past Gloria Jeans.



I was only gone a few minutes and left the window down a bit for Bailey. It’s a lovely day but not too hot so he was okay. Then it was time to head back home. All this done and it was only just past 9.30am!!!


I hung out my washing, played with the dogs, had a cup of tea and cleaned out the veggie drawers (ready for todays organic delivery).


Just I was finishing up my beautician rang to tell me she had to cancel todays apt as she was unwell. I wasn’t too worried and it means instead of having to head out at 12.15pm I now have a free afternoon (except for picking Amy up at 2.30pm).

With spare time to spend I decided to get to work on a project I’ve been meaning to start for an online class…


and I also did a layout for load…

LOAD - Day 13

while the dogs had a snooze…


Eventually at 1pm I stopped for lunch. Just a quick easy one today – a wholegrain wrap with hummus (that I made yesterday), cheese, fried onion (leftover from last nights dinner) and homegrown sprouts,


with some grapes on the side.


Okay, I confess I did not eat at the table….but at my desk while reading through our proposed itinerary for Alaska next year. Then I went outside to do todays photography prompt, then downloaded the photos to see how they turned out. I really am such a novice and need to sit down and do LOTS of reading!! Oh, and todays photo was supposed to be out of focus :-).


I then went and worked on my project for a while before leaving at 2.15pm to go pick up Amy. Bailey wanted to come with me again. He’s so funny – he makes bolts to the garage door any time he thinks I might be going in the car. After we picked up Amy we made a quick stop to Woolworths because Amy wanted to buy some more bandanas. They are fundraiser for Canteen (Kid’s cancer support) so I don’t mind.



Then it was home. Luckily I remembered to put out the bins (Dad’s away) as I spotted our organic delivery hanging out in the garden (did not see it when we drove in). So I bought the boxes in and got them unpacked.


That veggie drawer sure looks better now, as does the fruit bowl.



Spent some more time working on my project. Christy worked on tidying her desk drawers and I ended up tidying their craft cupboard.



Finally I called it quits for the day and made another cup of tea, which I enjoyed while reading more about Alaska. Kevin came home just after 6pm and I made us a salad (with Amy’s help) for dinner – since it has been such a hot day.


After dinner I tided the kitchen, bought in the washing and prepared the dogs dinner – which was demolished in seconds.


Then it was time to get into my PJs and sit and relax. Kevin & I played on our computers for a bit before watching a few episodes of The Mentalist. Then it was off to bed. I’ve had a such a bad streak of book lately and haven’t finished a few in a room – which is unusual for me. But tonight I stuck gold….and as a result stayed up till past 11.30pm reading :-).



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  1. Wow you do so much each day Libby! I always like this posts and everytime I read one I think I must do one too but never get to it.

    I must do it! Thanks for sharing your day 🙂

  2. Hi Libby
    just from looking at you photos i have a feeling we have crossed paths a few time and my son gows to the school where the AG class is held

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