Trick or treat


Even though we were hosting our party the girls were still very keen to go trick or treating, so once all the guests had arrived they headed out (with two Mums accompanying them). Since there were 12 of them I got them to split into two group so as not to have all twelve arrive at each door :-).




When they got back they checked out their loot – they had quite a stash. It’s nice to see more people getting into trick or treating – we had around 8 groups to our place this year and the kids were made most welcome when they were out and about. One man didn’t have any treat so he gave the kids a packet of cookies to divide between them, which I thought was very sweet.


Unfortunately some of the kids, including Amy, left their goodies on the grass. Can you guess who had a private party?


I think he’s been on a bit of a sugar binge as today he helped himself to a cupcake (wrapper and all) that was on the coffee table :-(. He’s normally so good with food.

4 thoughts on “Trick or treat

  1. we had a group of 15 kids at our door – nearly cleaned me out !!!! its bizare what kids are given. our kids came home with money, cans of soft drink and frozen teacake wrapped in plastic – needless to say that went straight into the bin – our kids are only allowed to eat pre packed goodies from the supermarket. now we get ready for year 6 farewells and christmas !!! Amanda

  2. How nice to trick-or-treat in the daylight! Glad the girls had fun. The dogs…well, Tootie is dying to get her little jaws on some of my left over peanut M & M’s but I keep telling her chocolate isn’t good for dogs. Oh the whining! LOL


  3. Looks like you all had Fun! It seems so odd to me seeing your pics of trick or treaters out in such lovely weather…It is always soooo dark and cold when we go out!

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