A Day in my Life – November

I woke this morning at 6am and ventured downstairs to let the dogs out. It’s promising to be a beautiful Summer’s day.

Good morning

Do you like my new birdie PJs? I just couldn’t resist them when I saw them. After the dogs came back in I had a cup of tea and some shortbread (which I had made for the scrapbook weekend) and caught up on some blogs.

Tea and shortbread

Eventually everyone else woke up and Amy made us some breakfast.

Amy making breakfast

On the menu today – scrambled eggs, tomato and baked beans.


Then since it was such a glorious day and finally we were having some Summer weather, we packed up and headed to the local dog beach.

A trip to the beach

We always have fun here. The dogs love running free, swimming, chasing balls, digging holes and meeting other pups.


Beach fun

The girls swim, play on their boggie boards and with the dogs.

let's dig

And Kevin and I throw the ball for the dogs, take photos and eventually sit and try to relax for a bit.

At the beach

Last time we were here I mentioned how this beach is right by the steel works. Today I remembered to take some photos. As you can tell it doesn’t detract people (and dogs) from enjoying the beach. After all when you’re facing the water you don’t even see it. We usually have the beach more-or-less to ourselves but not today.

MM dog beach

MM dog beach

We enjoyed our usual beach snack of honey jumbles.

Beach snack

After about an hour and half everyone was worn out and had enough

Two tired dogs

We packed up and left, but not before seeing the hang-gliders hanging out over the cliffs.


We came home via the dog wash, as we always to do, to get all the sand out of the dogs coats.

A visit to the dog bath

Back home I got some washing hung out and then joined my family in the pool for my first swim of the season.

Swim time

Bailey rested while we swam and played with the camera.


Playing in the pool

Christy took these two photos – I love how they look.

Photo by Christy

Photo by Christy

Eventually we got hungry and got out and dried and made a start on lunch. Kevin was kind enough to cook us a BBQ on the new BBQ.

Cooking on our new BBQ

I had wanted to eat outside but it was a little on the windy side so we ate at the kitchen table.

My lunch

After lunch I had a shower, got dressed and put on my make-up as we’ll be going out later to the Basketball.


I then uploaded photos, worked on some blog posts and then bought in the laundry that was already dry.


The girls played in the pool with Shantel, and the dogs slept – they were exhausted.


At 4.30pm it was time to head out. Amy didn’t want to come so she went next door to Nan’s (and ended up sleeping over). Orginially we thought the game started at 5pm so planned to have Cold Rock Ice Cream beforehand and dinner later at the game. We then realized the game didn’t start till 6pm but we went ahead and had desert before dinner :-).

Ah… decisions, decisions. I had chocolate with jaffa, Christy had vanilla with Tim Tams and I can’t remember what Kevin had.


As you can see eating ice cream requires a lot of concentration.


Ice creams enjoyed it was time to head to the stadium – known as the sand pit (the old basketball stadium is called the snake pit).


Christy was quick to have cuddles with Moe – one of the two Hawk mascots (Tomma (hawk) and Moe (hawk) ).



Then after a problem with one of the shot clocks it was game time. We’ve got different seats this season and haven’t been as happy (we’re a bit further back and near a stairwell) but tonight it didn’t seem to bother me as much so maybe I’m getting used to our new (and MUCH cheaper) location.


Towards half time I shared a vegetarian wrap with Kevin for dinner. Christy had some popcorn.


And the best way to end such a fantastic day…. a win by the Hawks!!!


Then it was time to head home. Christy fell asleep on the way home (not surprising after such a busy day of swimming), so I put her to bed, got into my PJs and had a cup of tea while Kevin & I watched a documentary on humpback whales (which we hope to see lots of in Alaska next year). At 10pm we headed up to bed and I read for around 20mins before going to sleep.

3 Comments to “A Day in my Life – November”

  1. By jody, November 16, 2010 @ 12:48 am

    My boys spent the weekend in the pool…you should have seen their hair when they came to pick me up!!!

    Looks like you packed a lot into the day 🙂

  2. By vanessa, November 16, 2010 @ 3:25 pm

    What a great day you had. I was too chicken to hop in the pool -despite the heat. That beach looks fab – its great when you can take the dogs as I’m sure they enjoy the outing as much as you guys do – if not more.

  3. By Cass, November 19, 2010 @ 3:52 am

    Wow, what a fabulous day!!! You are so lucky to live near a beach and especially one that you can take your dogs to!! Lilo and Stitch (my doggies) would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go there LOL!!! I’m so envious!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    We are currently snowed in here in Calgary at -15 degrees C 🙁