School Fun Day

Once again the girls had a fun day at school – but this time it was run by the Year 6 kids as a fund raiser. Seems like just yesterday she started in Kindy and here she is in her last weeks of Primary.


When Amy wasn’t helping man the stands she was having fun….and getting wet.


When I eventually found Christy she wanted me to watch her on the jumping castle/slides.



She also went in an obstacle race….and lost


and enjoyed some fairy floss.



We were lucky that the rain stayed away and the girls had a great day.


3 thoughts on “School Fun Day

  1. Aren’t these fun days a great idea? Rhianna’s schools’ Year 6 are doing the same kind of thing in a couple of weeks. Everyone has fun at the end of the year and the year 6 group get to make some money for the school present. Win/win for all the classes.

  2. Hi Libby, my son is in Year 6 too so all sorts of changes are afoot in the next few months. It seems only yesterday I took him to kinder. My daughter is in Year 6 next year, then primary school days will all be done…

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