Family bike ride


It’s been quite some time since we headed out on  family bike ride and even longer since I blogged about it. But I woke up this morning with energy to burn so it was decided we’d head out on a bike ride. To start with we headed out to the point where I walk the dogs most mornings. Check out the blue cloudless sky – it’s been like that all weekend.


Then it was up and over the first hill. Okay, so there were a few fluffy white clouds about 🙂


And on to the path the goes around the other side of the lake. You might remember it from when I walked it with the dogs a while back. Loved this gallah – talk about a birds eye view over the lake.




We stopped for the girls to have brief play at the play park and I took some flower photos.



Then it was time to continue on our way back around the lake.



and up the final BIG hill – which is a real killer at the end of the ride.


Back home we were quick to head into the pool for a swim to cool down. The rest of the day was spent by the pool, enjoying a BBQ for lunch, more swimming and later putting up our Christmas tree – because, yes, Christmas is just 5 weeks away.

2 thoughts on “Family bike ride

  1. Nice day, indeed!!! Beautiful views and lovely weather. We’ve had unseasonably mild weather the past few days. I walked out the door this morning and thought May had arrived! But, it is Oklahoma after all, and the weather will snap back to winter by Thursday. I put my Christmas tree up today, too. Just the lights for now. Discovered that mice had chewed through the wires on two sets. Ornaments will go on tomorrow I hope!


  2. What a great bike ride. How far do you think you rode? how’s the exercise and eating plan (Michelle bridges) going? The tree up already!!!!!!

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