Friends and food

Slept a bit better last night and managed to sleep in till nearly 7am! We had breakfast included this morning so we got dressed andΒ  headed up to the restaurant.


I really wasn’t in the mood for a big breakfast so just had a piece of raisen toast and cup of tea, and later a little mini chocolate muffin.



We then packed up our stuff, took our luggage to the car, checked out and went to meet a fellow blogger – Lisa of Bake Bake Blog. It was so nice to finally meet after following her blog for around 6 months or so (maybe more). And she was just as nice in real life as on her blog :-). Lisa is currently in training for a triathalon and I always feel so motivated and inspired when reading her blog. Plus she comes up with the most awesome recipes – many of whom have become part of our favourites. We had tea/coffee’s and sat and chated for around an hour.


All to soon it was time to say our farewells and hit the road back to Wollongong.


Still in the search for Christmas presents we decided to go via Bowral, stopping at yet another markets. The Highland Christmas Fair – but we didn’t see too many Christmas things :-(.


We only had a quick walk through before heading to the shopping center. But still no luck with the presents. We did however, find this is lolly shop selling UK and USA chocolates…. probably not a great discovery to have made….


We bought some of our favs (like UK’s Galaxy and USA milk duds) and went in search of lunch. Evenutally we settled on this Fresh Food Cafe and I had the MOST delicious salads. Yum! I’ll definitely be eating here again next time I’m in Bowral.


Then it was the final stretch home…. to see the kids and pups. It’s been such a fun weekend and neither of us really wanted to go home. But I must say I’ve returned feeling much more relaxed and ready to face the lead up to Christmas πŸ™‚

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  1. Omg having just got back from a trip the first thing I see in my reader are my two favourite bloggers, together in canberra!! yay

    It looks like you had a great time, shame about the crappy weather!

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